Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Yay! I finally finished Pillars of the Earth this afternoon! Hurray! Don't get me wrong, this book was very good and had a great story to it but it was a long one. I'm not sure I will be reading the next book...I think I may have to spice things up and pick up a lighter read for my next choice, but I'm not ruling anything out down the road.

That will have to wait for tomorrow since it's party time real soon! Hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year's eve. I will be happily enjoying my spirits as I ring in the new year tonight at a friend's par-tay. So, have a great night everyone and see you in 2009!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So Swamped

I do love having time off from work but going back afterwards is scary. I think I have only one small patch of clear space on my desk...just enough for my computer, phone and water bottle. Otherwise, the rest of the desk is piled high with files and problems. Then, my coworker was sick yesterday and had to go home. I have to cover all her duties when she is out so I'm crossing my fingers that she'll be back today. I usually don't mind doing her stuff too, but I've got too much of my own stuff right now.

So what else is new....we are still bowling but not doing quite as well this quarter. We were in 31st place as of yesterday but did get a nice chunk of the points from last night's games so let's see if it's enough to get us back in the twenties. I've accepted that this quarter will not be too successful but we are going to rock the next quarter!

Oh, remember the "no sweets" comment from Sunday? Evidently my body has decided it wants to continue riding the junk food train until Jan 1 so I'm going along with it. Yay for cookies, chocolate and other yummy treats! (I am soooo going to pay for this).

Sunday, December 28, 2008

No More Sweets Please

From Thanksgiving to this point, I think I've consumed at least 3 pies all to myself-2 of which were pumpkin pie. Then there was all the Christmas cookies, chocolates, eggnog, candy canes, sugared this and that. My body is in sugar overload! I think I've had enough and I'm ready for some good sugar-free food again.

Okay, maybe just one more donut with my morning cappuccino. It's Sunday anyway. I'll just start tomorrow. hee! hee!

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Monday Already?

Really? Damn, that was a fast-moving weekend. Nothing to exciting to say this morning. My weekend was pretty non eventful. Saturday was a major cleaning day-carpets, floors, kitchen, laundry, bedroom, bathrooms-all done! It's so nice when everything smells clean and fresh again. It was nice weather too, so we opened the windows and let the air go through the house and get the stuffiness out. Sunday was a pure lazy day for me. I got my book out at about 9am and stuck to it for most of the day. That book's done! Now I'm back to plugging away on Pillars of the Earth. I've been trying to read this freaking book on and off for most of the year and I'm determined to finish it before the year is out. The only other things I accomplished yesterday was make dinner and take Wilson out..and hula hoop, of course.

Now, I'm back to work through Wednesday and then I get a nice long weekend for Christmas. The goal for tonight-get some more Christmas shopping done. Yep, procrastination lives on.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yay for Thursday!

Why you ask? Well...

  • it's one day closer to Friday, and
  • annoying coworker (T) is going on vacation at noon tomorrow, which means
  • i will have a peaceful work day for at least half the day, and
  • i will just drink lots of caffeine and crank up my ipod to drown her out for the first half of the day; and
  • The Office is on tonight; and
  • i just finished a scrumptious glass of eggnog-did i mention it was scrum-diddly-umptious?- and
  • the Christmas tree is lit,
  • the candles are burning gingerbread cookie scents; and
  • Tomorrow is Friday!

Rambling Rocks!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Job Interview

Had a phone interview today for a new paralegal job. It went pretty well. Let's face it, the lady loved me and is recommending me to the "board" so hopefully I get a call back in the next week or so for an interview with the attorneys I'd be working with. This position is right up my alley-lots of stress, deadlines, working for 3 attorneys who want all my attention for themselves-just what I'm looking for!

Besides that, my day was rather uneventful. Work is work-no major coworker drama or retarded phones calls. Just a peaceful Monday workday. The plans for the evening are a couple phone calls and a 3 mile run.

Later gators!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Hiatus Continues

Okay, I've become a Slacker McLazypants with regards to blogging this month. Heck, the month is half over already as of tomorrow-holy crap! There's just been a lot of stuff going on so far this month but the next week should be quieter-thank goodness.

So what have I been up to? Well, I turned 31 this month. Wow, how the hell did that sneak up on me? Then, there was lots of bowling, work holiday party, Christmas party with friends, Jeff Dunham show and, of course, watching all my Christmas movies. I've been busy kiddies!

Due to all this, I have also slacked a bit in the exercise department but yesterday and today I did get in a couple 4 mile walks and some hula hooping. I'm going to take Wilson for a walk this evening so we can check out the neighborhood decorations. So pretty!

I still have lots of Christmas shopping to get done and Brian and I are trying to figure out our rendezvous plans for the holiday weekend since I won't be making it home for Christmas again this year. Oh well...I'll just bug the family some other time I guess!

Anyway...time to skedaddle and get the laundry done and some last minute household chores. I like to start my work week off with a tidy house, happy dog and clean laundry. Best get to work!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Brief Hiatus

Sometimes a girl just needs a break from things for awhile to relax and do other stuff. That's what I've been up to these past couple of weeks. But, now I'm getting a bit restless again so time to get back to my routine...which is tough during the holidays but I shall persevere!

Some things have stayed the same. Work, of course. Blech-don't even want to discuss that topic. We are still bowling on Monday nights and I can say with total honestly that we went from pretty good to blech as well. We are currently in 21st place out of 34 teams, I think. Now, in a glass-is-half-full mantra, this is not so bad and we are not last but COME ON! This is the first time we have been so low and it must stop! I blame society.

One thing I have neglected is exercise. I've maintained my current weight quite well (minus those couple days around Thanksgiving-which were totally worth it) so at least there was no real gain but you know how your body feels when you have exercised in awhile? That mushy feeling? That's how I feel now. So, it's time to dust off the gym bag and get back out there. At least by tomorrow.

Well, I can hear the workday calling so it's time to get my mushy self ready for work. Happy Friday to everyone!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy turkey day everyone! It's a beautiful, crisp morning and I'm going to try to get a quick run in before all the craziness starts. I'm actually hoping the exercise will keep me from becoming crazy today but I have my doubts on that.

Today is "Let's eat until we are absolutely stuffed, watch some football and then continue grazing on the food throughout the afternoon until we burst day." And there should be plenty of food!

But to the important things...what am I thankful for this year.

1. Wonderful friends to spend the holiday with us
2. My loving family "up nort"
3. Brian and Wilson
4. Having a healthy body
5. Becoming an aunt

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope you all get plenty of turkey goodness today.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Too Dang Busy

I need some high octane fuel cuz I feel like I've been running around like crazy these last few days and my gas tank is getting close to empty and there's still so much to do! Must reenergize!We still have to:

  1. Clean the house from top to bottom for company.
  2. Give Wilson a bath.
  3. Make sure we have everything food-wise for Thanksgiving.
  4. Pull out the Christmas decorations and start putting them up
  5. Find my sanity

That's my generalized list for now. Crap, now I have to get ready for work. Forgot to add that one to the list....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is it the Weather?

Or having the day off yesterday?
Too much food?
It is pretty muggy outside....

Today I just felt a bit "off" from usual. I think having a Tuesday off through a wrench in my regular routine. I was tired and sluggish all through work and one of my coworkers was out so I had extra work to do. But, even with the extra workload, the day seemed to drag by. Work just stresses me out lately-I just got too much to freakin do!

It's gotten really muggy here the last couple days...I think we are seeing some remnants of the storm out in the Atlantic. I miss the cool, crisp temps already. I think that the muggy weather has something to do with my sluggishness, that and the fact that it's dark before 6pm now.

But, we can't be using all these things as excuses, right? Must persevere! Brian and I got Wilson out for a walk this evening and then we continued for another 20 minutes after we dropped him back off at home. I'm also going to hula hoop and I maaayyy go out for a run this evening. Tomorrow I'm stepping it up, though. Pool time and cardio. That's that.

Time to hula...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Good Morning!

Hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend. Mine was pretty good. Nothing too exciting but I got all my household chores done so at least I can start the week off with a relatively clean house. Although, the way Wilson sheds, it's never really completely clean but he's cute so I deal with it.

Brian and I did a little furniture browsing and found some stuff we really like. My plan is to turn our dining room area into a sitting room and I found an awesome chair w/ottoman to relax in. Okay, we found an entire set we want but we decided, with all the holidays coming up, to wait for some good sale opportunities so hopefully within the next couple months I'll have all my goodies.

Saturday I was all about Lifetime TV. I usually don't watch that many movies, especially when it's gorgeous outside, but the movies on Lifetime were awesome this weekend so I was glued to the TV for most of Saturday afternoon. Wilson was able to get his nap in then so he was a happy camper. Yesterday was laundry and reading day. I finished a book and Brian and I went out for dinner and stopped at the bookstore where I got 2 new books-The Valley of the Dolls and Anna Karina. Yeah!

I rocked the exercise front and managed 6 out of 7 days for exercise. The only thing I didn't do was swim so I'm going to be pushing that this week. Sometimes a girl just doesn't want to get her hair wet. I got up early and did a quick 30 minute run this morning and tonight is bowling so that's my weights for today (ha!).

Alright, work is calling so I'm off. Toodles

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Don't Think I Get Paid Enough For This

Work. Sigh. Now I can handle the pettiness among coworkers, constant stress and being way overworked but this week has taken the cake. As some of you may know, I work in the legal department of a rather large corporation (no names-don't want to piss them off) and on occasion we piss people off by suing them. However, yesterday a defendant did not just get pissed but started sending violent threats to headquarters so now we all have to watch our backs more closely. We have the defendant's description and make/model of vehicle so we can be on the lookout. We have also been blessed with a security guard for a couple of days. Now, this all wouldn't be quite as bad except I work with a lot of drama queens who are milking this for everything they can. So, I reiterate, I don't think I make enough money for this crappola. At least tomorrow is Friday.

Now, on to some good news. My goals are rockin this week. I got both my runs in and did my two days of cardio (starting all this from Sunday), even Wilson got two walks in. I'm going to try and get my swim sessions done this weekend and I will have finished a stellar workout week. Now I think I'm gonna get my stuff ready for tomorrow.

peace out

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November Goals

Well, I didn't make any October goals and it showed. I accomplished as little as possible last month and I really don't want a repeat of that. I must face it, I work better with my little to-do lists. So, back I go. Here's the plan for November:
  1. Swim 2 times per week for 40 minutes
  2. Run 2 times per week if the leg stops giving me grief
  3. Cardio twice a week-whatever I want
  4. Get photos on discs and printed (so behind here)
  5. Walks with Wilson at least 3 times a week

I also want to start getting things ready for Christmas. I always leave shopping till the last minute so I'd like to take care of some of the easier things early on...we'll see if I actually do it :) It's been tough getting the motivation to do anything lately since work has been so stressful. They have done some shifting of responsibilities again and more work is being piled on my desk. I guess if you're somewhat competent, it backfires with added stress. Yeah me! At least it's job security.

So, that's the plan for this month. So far exercise has been okay. I ran Sunday evening, hula hooped on Monday and went power walking w/a coworker tonight. Tomorrow I am planning a gym outing after work for some cardio.

Alright, time to get some stuff done before bedtime. Nighty night.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Glorious Run

Have I mentioned that I love this weather? Tonight was the first run since sometime in February where I didn't feel like I was going to melt into a puddle of goo. It was freaking glorious my friends! I was actually excited to get out there and stretch my legs and with my new kicks all laced up, I took off.

I forgot the Garmin but, since it was dark out (when did that sneak up on us?) I just ran around my neighborhood for 3 miles. Those new shoes ROCK. No shin splints, leg cramps, notta. I am a running machine now...for 3 miles anyway.

Oohhh, let's not forget Halloween coming up here in two days. And guess who still hasn't gotten a costume? ME! I wasn't kidding when I said I was the queen of procrastination. So, the goal after work is to find myself a costume. Unless....I wonder if Jess will let me come to the party dressed as an enthusiastic party guest?

peace out kids

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Perfect Fall Day

So what could be a perfect fall day in So Flo?

Well, the air was actually crisp today. Totally scrumptious. We are talking apple picking weather..scrounging for pumpkins in a pumpkin patch weather...raking leaves kind of weather. It was glorious.

How I spent my day:

Work of course, then I came home, opened up the windows, made a big crockpot of homemade chicken soup and watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. What a lovely October day. Hope tomorrow brings more of the same.

Monday, October 27, 2008

In Bowling News...

In terms of our actual bowling, we did not do too shabby. Yes, we all could have got 300 games and didn't, but on the other hand, everyone bowled above 100. Next week is our first position week so we are going to have to rock the house. Go team....wooosaaawwwwww.

The bad news of the evening was there was an armed robbery in the parking lot of the bowling alley. We also found out a car was broken into around the same time. Thankfully, no one was injured but this is still unsettling. There have been many times when I've run out to the car for something by myself. I guess I'll be thinking twice before doing that...or bring my numbchucks with me. I think I'm going to have to become a police officer now just so I can open up a can of whoop ass on these mo fo's. I hate crap like this.

Hope everyone had a great Monday. Nighty night!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good News

I am going to be an Auntie! Yay! My sister and her husband are expecting their first child in May. This will be the first baby for our family and everyone is real excited. I found out when my mom and sis were here for a visit in the beginning of October but had to keep things hush hush until my sis had a chance to tell everyone.
It's still too early to tell whether it will be a boy or girl but once I do, the gifts will be bought like crazy!

My mom seems to be recovering pretty well from her surgery. She is walking under her own steam now-no cane anymore-and is able to do a lot of little things on her own. Still a good deal of pain and she can't bend at all but she is in great spirits and she should be back to her old self in no time.

As for me, yesterday was a busy day of cleaning and reorganizing. I tackled the kitchen, cleaned the floors, cleaned the deck area and put away the floaty toys for the "winter", and tore apart the linen and spare room closets to clean and reorganize them. Today, I just have to do laundry and clean the bathrooms and then I will be satisfied. It's funny-sometimes the weekends I spend busy at home are just has fun as those with activities planned. I think it's the clean freak in me. I love the feeling of a clean and organized house. Even if it only lasts for a day or so.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sad Little Gym Bag

I think my gym bag is depressed. It's whole joy in life is to be packed with all my gym necessities and be ready to travel. The last travel experience it has was when I moved it from the dining room to the bedroom on Friday. I think I even noticed some dust and dog hair accumulating on it this evening.

Poor thing. All it wants is it's routine back: packed and placed in the dining room in the evening, dragged to the car in the morning, chillin in the car during work hours, and being dragged to the gym for a good workout. It just wants to feel useful again.

Maybe I'll be nice and take it for an outing tomorrow.

Friday, October 17, 2008


First of all, thank you for all your well wishes for my mom. She is slowly recovering and is finally home and ready for some pampering from my dad.

As for me, last night I finally made it out for a run and it was pretty good overall. It was one of those runs where half your body is on board and doing a great job. My lungs could have run forever and my mind was totally focused...I think that's one of the reasons I run when it's dark-less distractions, except for traffic headlights, that is. However, my body was less than thrilled with this whole running concept of mine and didn't hesitate to let me know. After about 1.5 miles, the shin splints started hurting, then my knees started aching (never happens) and lastly, my right hip began its decline. I made it 2.5 miles before I decided to pack it up and head for home.

Maybe it was just an off night. I think it was all that lunar interaction since the moon was freaking huge last night. At least I was home and showered in time for a new episode of The Office.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Positive Thoughts for Mom

Sometimes it is really hard to be so far away from home.

My mom had major back surgery this past Thursday. She was supposed to get out of the hospital on Monday but there was too much pain and soreness for her to be leaving so soon so they have pushed it back to tomorrow. I just talked to her and she sounds like she is in pretty good spirits but I can tell the pain is still really strong.

So, since I can't be there for immediate support, I'm sending her a care package of little things I know she likes along with lots of positive thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery. I know she will be back to her regular, busy self real soon.

Now I hope Christmas comes real soon so I can get back home for a visit.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lazy Day Off

I was fortunate to have today off for Columbus Day today and I used it wisely. That is to say I used it to relax. I figure if I'm blessed with an extra day off, I shouldn't try to squeeze in all these errands and so on, this special day should be used to enjoy myself, otherwise it doesn't feel like a real day off.

I wasn't a complete sloth, though. Wilson and I went for a morning stroll and enjoyed the fresh, humid air. I did the hula hoop for 30 minutes and went for a swim, then came home and cleaned the house, put up the Halloween decorations made some lunch.

It's been raining on and off all afternoon so I took this as a sign that I should do some movie watching. I chose a couple older ones today, A River Runs Through It and Presumes Innocent, which are two classics for me.

All in all, it's been a pretty good day. I would have liked it to be nice so I could have gone to the beach, but there's always another day for that. Now, I think I'll have an ice cold beverage and get ready for bowling tonight. I'm feeling a good game or two in my fingers.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Running Redemption

My plan last night was to do a video since I had run on Tues night and I usually don't run two days in a row. However, I just wasn't feeling the videotapes; sometimes they only seem to entice me if the weather is crappy and I don't want to brave the elements to get to the gym. So, I decided to give running another shot.

It went much better last night. I didn't stretch beforehand (for some reason, this seems to help) and I did a 5 minute warm up walk and then jumped into my running. Maybe it was the choice of songs or just wanting some redemption, but my legs were flowing to the beat of the music and I just kept going and going. I ran for about 40 minutes and then did another 5-7 minutes cool down. I was sweaty and tired at the end but it felt good.

Bring on the next 5K.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My-Coworkers-Are-Stupid Post

Why oh why do I have to work with freaking idiots? Did I do something in a former life that I'm paying back for now? For those of you that work in legal, if someone is represented by counsel and you don't notice the attorney but instead send the docs to the defendant and you are called on it, don't just shrug your shoulders and say, "Oh well, sorry." This can lead to lots of problems, Sargeant Stupid. Next time, I think I will have to open up a can of whoop ass on them. I know we all screw up now and then but maybe if this person wasn't consumed with staring at herself in her little desk mirror all day (no joke), things would get done right. Ahhhhh!

Deep breath....I'm better now. Sometimes a girl just has to vent about these things. So, let's focus on something more exciting. Exercise! Yay! I'm getting back on track here. I did the hula last night for 30 minutes and then went running. Unfortunately, since I took about 2 weeks off from running, I felt like a slug. You know those days where it feels like you can barely get one foot in front of the other? That was my night..just felt like I was trying to run underwater and the humidity certainly added to the underwater feeling. So, I am going to try the running again tomorrow. Tonight I am going to do one of my workout tapes, either The Firm or Tae Bo and take Wilson for a walk.

Question for the runners out there: What chance do I have of competing in a half marathon in January? Totally preposterous or doable? I'm at about 3 miles right now.

Enjoy the rest of hump day!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Gots me lots of random thoughts floating around in me head so thought I'd just lay them out for ya:

* Synthroid Wars: Ha! I win...I guess. I finally got my prescription filled and am starting to feel more alert already. Yeah! The mail order pharmacy sent my prescription back with a letter stating that they had tried to contact my doctor's office and no one returned their phone calls or faxes so they had to send my stuff back. Lovely...I'm so not surprised here. So, I took that prescription to Walgreen's and they filled it right away. Perplexed, yes but I didn't care at that point. Then I picked up another prescription from my doc's office (the one I'd been badgering them about) so now I have an extra one when this one runs out. What a freaking pain in the arse!

* Monday night bowling: Yeah, we rock. We are currently in 7th place out of 34 teams. Pretty dang good since this is our first serious league. Brian even got bowler of the week last week and guess who got it for the women this week..yep, ME! My scores were 180, 140 and 146. Woo hoo!

* I'm getting my exercise mojo back so tonight it's the hula hoop (no beer, that was all for the pictures) and running. It's finally starting to cool down a bit..still in the mid to high 80s but much more doable for running. I'm really trying to get past the 3 mile mark. Just need a push-and temps in the 70s.

That about sums up my last couple days. Time for some dinner and play time with Wilson. I'm getting the sad why-don't-you-love-me-anymore face. Toodles~

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's Over Already?

I had a great weekend with my mom and sis. We didn't do anything real exciting-a little sight-seeing, some shopping at the Sawgrass Mall, a little bit of the ocean and a drive down Las Olas Blvd. We would have stopped for an afternoon of shopping and viewing the art fair on Las Olas but the lovely rainy weather prevented that. So, there was lots of movie time and some good talks. Got to catch up with my sister, which was so nice. It's great to be able to have adult conversations with a person I used to fight with as a child. My, we have grown up! It was tough to see them go this morning but I'm hoping to get up for a visit around Christmas time, so not too long from now.

The rest of my day was spent with the laundry and straightening up the house. I read a little and took the little guy for a walk. Now it's time to get ready for the work week ahead and watch some Criminal Intent-I am so addicted.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cleaning Machine

Except for the lovely bathrooms, I do believe my mad-woman cleaning spree has come to an end today. I've been running around with mop, broom, dust rag and cleaning products getting the house ready for the arrival of my mom and sister tomorrow night (yay!) and now I'm finally ready to unwind a bit. Aaahhh...

I'm pretty excited to see them both. I haven't seen my mom since February and it's been since September 2007 since I saw my sister. It should be a great visit albeit a quick one since they leave Sunday morning but I will take whatever I can get.

In other news, my war with the Synthroid continues. I am going to get it all figured out before the end of the day tomorrow. I don't mind paying for it out-of-pocket at the pharmacy..just got to get the ole doc to give me another prescription. I've only been with this doc for about six months so we are still having trust issues with one another. What-freaking-eva!

Alright, time for me to get ready for bed since I really want to get up early for a morning run and I usually need to be in bed no later than 11pm to get up by 5am. Geez, I remember when I could sleep 2-3 hours a night and go all day without even yawning. What happened to my youth? Oh yeah, I partied it away.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Terrific Tuesday?

Okay, so except for bowling, Monday really sucked. You know those days where things start going wrong right waking up 30 minutes late...and they just keep going wrong till the end of the day? Yep, that was my day. I wouldn't have minded it so much on a Thurs or even Wed. but Monday..come on! The most annoying problem of yesterday was my pharmacy dilemma. I am on Synthroid and down to the wire on pills. All my prescriptions are mail order because of insurance and I come home yesterday to an email that they have encountered a problem, will not fill my prescription and will send me a letter in a week. What the hell is the problem now? This is the second "issue" with them in the last two weeks so today, it's phone call time. I would just go the the pharmacy down the street and pay regular price for the meds but, of course, the mail order place has the original prescription. So, first I'm going to have a chat w/them and then I guess I'll be calling the doc if I don't get my way. Medical issues are so irritating down here.

That's enough of my frustration on that subject..moving on. So, it's going to be a good workout day since today is the last day of Sept and I need to squeeze in at least one good workout this month. I'm thinking a really hard-core swim, sit ups and an evening run should do it. That sounds like a great way to end this month. My frustrations could use a good swim, too.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Inspiration is feeling your back fat bounce as your run.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quick Post

I "heart" bowling again. Brian and I went out tonight for some bowling fun and fun it was. My scores were: 133, 144, 147 and 184. Kick freaking ass! Here's hoping I can pull these numbers on Monday, too.

Could have been the lucky striped socks.

I think it was my meditative "woo-saw" moment (Bad Boys II movie) before every throw.

Whatever it was, I liked it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Gonna Be a Good Day

Yesterday was not that peachy so I'm going into today with a positive mindset. I am determined work will be good today. Yesterday, the boss informed me I will be taking on more work, basically because other people are not doing things right or efficiently and, since I am the bomb-diggity at work, I will be taking over the challenge. Now, I really don't mind the extra work. I am one of those crazy folks who prefer to be overwhelmed with files covering their desks. However, I do wish all this extra work would come with a nice incentive: bonus anyone? Raise? A bowl full of strawberry Starbursts? Hello....well, I guess I will have to show them I kick ass so my end-of-year review rocks and I get a big promotion. Vice president has a nice ring to it.

As for exercise, the best word to describe me lately has been slacker. I've managed to do some swimming in my pool (so not considered real exercising as pool is not big enough) and I did some hooping last night but nothing strenuous. Naughty girl! So, the gym bag is coming with me to work and then I will be heading to the pool right after work for a good swim and then a walk/run after.

Alright, time to make my lunch since Wilson doesn't seem willing to do it. Note to self: train dog to make my lunch.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Night Bowling League

I don't think I've mentioned that I joined another league w/Brian and our rockin friends. Our last league was all about fun and trying not to suck. This league is freaking hard's the All Star League and these people don't mess around. I smiled at one of the ladies on another team, she's about 60+ years old and bowls at 8 mph. But she rocks! She returned my smile with her game face...these people are no nonsense and I don't think they know what to think of our shenanigans. Tough cookies kiddies, we are here to stay!

I got a new ball and my scores suck ass now but I'm blaming it on the ball a.k.a. Rolling Thunder. Soon I will be awesome again. I'm just pacing myself. It's all still fun for me.

So, that's my Monday nights kiddies. Besides that, I did not get up early this morning for swimming. I was too tired and I have a pinched nerve/pulled muscle in my neck and shoulders and didn't want do too much. I will be running with my bud tomorrow and may sneak in a home workout too. Will keep you posted.

That's all for me tonight. Nighty night gators!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nothing Exciting

That about sums up the weekend. But that's good, too. I like when I have plenty of down time to do whatever I want and just relax after a stressful work week. To sum up, I had a lot of pool time, cleaned the house, did laundry, played with Wilson and read, read, read. I got 3 new books at the bookstore since I finished Great Expectations and now I'm halfway through Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson. Floating in the pool is optimal reading time so I go through books like crazy when I'm out there.

With a new week approaching I feel the need to set some goals. Didn't set any for the month and I can see the effects of that so for this week I want to get two swim sessions in (45 minutes each), 2 days running and another exercise day for whatever-maybe a regular gym workout. I would like to swim tomorrow morning before work since I've got bowling league in the evening and I sooo need to kick that up a notch. Enough with the sucky scores people! Time to shake things up.

Alright, I'm off to do something productive...Wilson could use a walk.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just Busy Hoopin

It's been awhile since I've been hoopin so I picked it up this evening and off I went. I did about 25 minutes before the hoop fell (I was trying to chase Wilson and lost my rhythm).

Here's the hoop:

And here I am hoopin...oh yeah, that's my book and a Bud Light. I hoop in style.

Hula hoops rule

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not in the Mood

For anything. Ever have one of these days? Where you just don't want to do anything or clean anything or exercise, etc.? That's where I'm at...this whole week. Work has been quite stressful. Sometimes I swear my attorneys would be lost without me. There's nothing more exciting than going through 3 months of copies of checks trying to find the right one. Yay me!

Needless to say, I have not done a whole lot so far this week. No exercise..unless thinking about it counts...didn't think so. I haven't even hula hooped, I must be having an off week! All I've really done is read my book, Great Expectations, and watched movies.

Tomorrow I head back to the doctor for my thyroid and do some more blood work. It's been 6 months and I am seeing some signs that I'm struggling with it again so we shall see what the good ole doc has to say.

Time to hit the book again. Have a fantabulous evening kiddies!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beach Pics

I love the beach, ocean air and all that other good stuff so Brian and I got up early Sunday and went down to the beach for breakfast and a nice long walk on the beach. Here's some pics.

Good times.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good Morning Blogland!

It's another beautiful day here in Florida. The sun is shining, it's quickly approaching 90 degrees and the humidity is hanging high. Sounds like a pool day to me!

The only negative thing in my perfect Saturday morning mojo is the pigeon problem with the neighbors. STOP FEEDING THEM! There are at least 100 of those dirty things on the roof and screen of their house. They are super loud and fly over our house every time they hear a noise. This wouldn't bother me if they didn't sometimes leave "presents" as they travel over. Let's just say I've had a few close calls on the's like dodging bullets out there!

I've slowly gotten back into my exercise mode after taking a week off. A week is all I can handle before I start really feeling like a lazy bum. So, I made it out for a long walk on Thursday and went swimming on Wednesday, whereby I pulled my calf muscle at the end of my session so well that I had to drag my leg through the water for a good 15 meters to the other side. Could have stopped but...I am a pool fiend so hell no. Then, when I was leaving, a guy asked me if I had been swimming. Um..yeah. What gave it away...the wet hair, flip flops, or the fact that I was too lazy to take off my suit so it's soaking through my gym clothes. So, I told him yes and he tells me what a great swimmer I am as he was watching me the whole time from the gym area (big windows from gym look down into the pool). I paste on the smile and thank him while I'm thinking...great, so you leave first and I'm going to look at this gym schedule real hard until it's burned into my memory. Note to boys...don't be telling girls you've never met how you watched them swim the entire time, especially when they are swimming for over an hour. I'd keep that part to myself.

So, on to my Saturday. I was planning on doing a run this morning but have yet to leave the house so I'm thinking I will push that to the evening. Of course I will be doing some hooping today, too. Now I think I'm ready for that first cup of coffee and the newspaper. and newspaper? Alright, when did I become an adult?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What Do You Think-Part II

As for Part 1, I did do some hoopin with the chips and salsa but only a handful cuz every time I tried to go back for more chips my hoop would hit the table and distract me. Good times. Yes, I do amuse myself very easily.

Now, on to Part 2. I hate working out with weights. Hate, hate, triple hate. It bores me to tears and I feel like I never get anywhere. That and I never seem to know what I should be doing beyond the weight machines. I guess since there is no time or distance limit, I become uninspired. Oh, and all the meat heads who are constantly flocking the area...awkward.

So, any suggestions here? Websites? Videos? Give up and remain fabulous and flabby? (I kinda like the last one but only cuz I'm feeling lazy right now).

***In other news, a congratulatory shout out to my friends Shannon and John on the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Rylee. Can't wait to meet her!

Alright, I'm off to straighten the house and squeeze in a workout. Happy hump day!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

What Do You Think? it okay to load up on the chips and salsa if I'm hula hooping while I eat them?

Hmm...what do you think?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Whole Lot of The Office

Nope, I'm not talking about work, I'm talking about Season 4 of The Office, which came out on Tuesday. I've been anxiously awaiting this release and Brian was sweet enough to surprise me with the goods. Of course, he didn't just get the DVD set...I got the entire boxed collection which included the DVDs, t-shirt, water bottle (from the rabies episode) and mini screenplay. Crystal + The Office = HAPPINESS

So, that's what my evenings have entailed this week. I can say that I've been a lazy bum when it comes to exercise-none this week. I have high hopes for tomorrow, though.

Alright, time for another episode...later gators!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gym Workout

I usually go to the gym for the pool aspect but tonight I decided to shake things up a bit and went out the the cardio room for some calorie burning enjoyment. The after-work crowd was there in full force so lots of machines were occupied and it was beyond warm in there. I like to have a bit of air conditioning when at the gym, seeing as I'm paying for it, but I guess they really want us to burn those calories even faster!

I chose the treadmill as we are usually not friends and I thought this would be a good opportunity to get to know one another again. You know what? We became fast much so that I didn't even visit with my BFF, the elliptical. I did four miles on the treadmill, switching it up between walks and runs and it felt purty darn good. Now that I'm back home, I'm going to squeeze in some sit ups and hula for 20 minutes and that should do it for today's activities.

After that, I'm off to the store to get ingredients to make fruit pizza for our potluck tomorrow at work. It's sports jersey day, yee haw!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jammy Wednesday

I've found this week to be one of those where the day creeps while I'm at work but once I head for home and my evening tasks, time flies by! Because of my never-ending to-do list and the fact that it's the middle of the week and I'm a bit tired, I've decided to create Jammy Wednesday. This lovely theme means that I have decided to exercise right after work and then I'm home and in my pajamas by 7pm. I can do whatever I want or nothing at all but the jammies will be on for the duration.

So, to start this Wednesday off, I went for a 20 minute swim after work (would have been longer but I got my days wrong and the aqua class kicked me out at 6:05) and then came home, hopped in my jammies and had some soup for dinner. I've boiled a bunch of eggs, cleaned the kitchen and straightened up the rest of the house (kinda). I'm tuckered tonight so the rest of my evening is going to be all about relaxing. I'm thinking a bit of reading and maybe a movie then off to bed. Have a good night.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quick Note

I decided to be brave this morning and I tried on a couple pairs of work pants that are two sizes smaller than what I've been wearing. I took the plunge since coworkers have been telling me I'm drowning in my current wardrobe but I'm not ready to go out and buy lots of new things yet.

So, I tried a black pair and khaki pair of slacks and...they fit! And were very comfortable! Yay for exercise and eating healthy (sometimes)! Makes me want to keep working hard and fitting into the rest of my old clothes. Soon I will be ready to tackle the shopping centers again.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Last week was a pretty busy week so, unfortunately, I didn't get much done on the exercise front. No swimming, running, not even a walk was squeezed in from Wed through Sun. I'm sure I could have found some time-30 minutes here and there-to get something done but I confess that the effort was not made, except for the hula hoop once or twice.

So, I'm going to put my best running shoe forward this week and see if I can get in 5 workouts. After being inactive for 5 days, I'm starting to feel like jello so I'm thinking I will head to the gym tonight for some cardio and weights, maybe a little pool time too.

I did get my to-do list in order so I feel better about having everything written down and organized. Now, I just have to start tackling the list. I'm thinking 1-2 items a week for the easy ones and I will set up a scheduled plan for the tougher assignments. It feels like school all over again :)

Well, looks like it's time to get myself ready for work. Happy Monday everyone!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Deep thoughts

Do you ever have so many thoughts swimming in your head that you just want to scream? That about sums up how I'm feeling right now. Just so much stuff that I want to accomplish or am pondering and I need a break from it all.

I've got my mom and sister coming in about 5 weeks and I wanted to get some stuff done before they get here, especially since my sis has never been down here since I moved here. I've been thinking about school, tests, current job, possible jobs (and their possible interviews), my swim around key west, running events I'm looking at signing up for, etc....the list goes on.

Okay, enough of that. Trop. Storm Fay turned out to be pretty mild here, which is great since I'm really not up for a big hurricane, ever. Too bad I had to suck it up and go to work though..many of my friends lucked out on that one!

I'm going to do some hoopin tonight and either swim or run, haven't decided which yet. The rain has stopped so I'll just have to contend with the wind but it might be nice to run and not be soaked with sweat for a change! That's about all the excitement going on here.

Have a great night, chicas.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ah Fay, You Little Minx!

Tropical Storm Fay is making her way to Florida this evening and has just passed over Key West. She appears to be a slow mover but she's packing lots of rain, which has been flowing steady since early afternoon. The next few hours will be interesting to see if she strengthens to hurricane status. Thankfully, the meat and potatoes of the storm is not heading east but staying towards west Florida but you never know what can happen.

I haven't done any exercise fact, I just finished my pizza..yummy! I did get out for a run yesterday morning, though and actually pushed myself to run 4 miles. I'm so excited since I usually have to stop and walk for awhile but I focused and just kept staring at the pavement and jammin to my music. I also tried a different route, which I think helped out a lot. Think I'll try that again on my next run.

Peace out kiddies.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ode to Bowling

I'm a little behind on my speech but I had so many emotions (not really) that I had to sort through things first and collect my thoughts.

So, our team, which was hovering in ninth place in the early season, came back with a vengeance and got....wait for it.....2nd Place! Yippee everyone!

In light of this, I would like to thank the following:

1. Our supporters and former teammates: Erin and Shannon-you stuck by us when even I wanted to leave the table in shame :)

2. Our teammates Amy and Meagan: your absent consistency kept us grounded.

3. Bud Light: The sponsor of bowling 2008 (even though it was served in Miller Light pitchers).

4. Striker's house balls. Without several choices of 10 pound balls, I would never have found a perfect match. Wait, I didn't. That's why I need my own ball.

5. Our Super Fan and Lucky Charm: Miller-he made it all possible.

6. And, of course, Brian for driving me there every week and making sure my drunk ass got home safely at night. You're swell!

My last scores were 140, 113 and 170. We rocked the house. Who says drunk girls who fall occasionally and do high kicks after strikes can't be serious bowlers?

Okay, you can stop laughing now.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hump Day!

And it was a good hump day at work because my long lost coworker FINALLY returned from vacation. Yeah! I was so happy to return her work responsibilities back to her that I could have done cartwheels down the hall and would have, but I think it would have been frowned upon. It's good to be back in the swing of things there and not feel like I'm being pulled in 20 different directions.

Last night, I didn't feel like doing a DVD so I headed to the gym and swam for 45 minutes. I really pushed my strokes and only stopped twice to grab the pull buoy. In addition to my normal freestyle/backstroke/breaststroke routine, I also added lots of flip turns and 4 laps of the butterfly. Wow, that stroke is hard as hell but sure gets my heart rate moving!

Can't decide on my activity tonight but I should take little Wilson out for a walk..he gets too cooped up here in the house all day and it's not raining. Yeah again! Later

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Running Plans Thwarted


My buddy Adriana and I had made plans to start running together again yesterday...she has been out of the running lately due to grad school...but the weather down here has been just a wee bit rainy. Yesterday, it started raining around 2pm and continued until 5pm. Since it was still thundering out there, we decided to postpone our run for today.

So, who woke up this morning and did the rain dance? The day was beautiful this morning but turned into a rainy day around 11am and has stayed that way. We thought about running in the inclement weather until the heavy rain came down and then just decided to table it altogether. We both have obligations the rest of the week so I guess we will try to start again next Monday.

Not too much else on my end...I applied to a new job yesterday so am hoping to hear something from them down the road..they state it may take a couple months to hear back from them so I'm not anxiously awaiting the phone call..yet. Work continues to be stressful but my coworker is due to return from her 2 week vacation tomorrow so hopefully that relieves some of my workload. Although, we do have a pool going on whether she will show up tomorrow or not. The last time she was scheduled out for a week, she took another week off to "recover" from her trip. Ha! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

It's still raining out there so I think I will do some hoopin and maybe a dvd tonight, or many choices.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

7 a.m. Swim

What a great way to start my Sunday. I literally jumped out of bed at about 10 minutes to 7, grabbed the swimsuit, towels and other swim accessories and headed to the gym for some pool time. I chose the gym with the outdoor pool since it is such a beautiful day and I wasn't disappointed. I was greeted to a glistening pool, clear blue skies, nice breeze, palm trees swaying in the breeze and the sun just peeking over the building area. What a relaxing setting.

But I was all about the business of swimming so I hopped in, got those goggles situated and off I went. I swam for an hour with no breaks except to grab my pull buoy. I did leg and arm exercises, breaststroke and lots of freestyle. It was so nice to get a good swim in right away in the morning and now I have the rest of the day to chill in the pool at home...that and get the laundry done.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another Hot One

So, I would like to start out by saying that our bowling team...ROCKS! We were in 3rd place on Thurs and beat the 1st Place team. Now, this game isn't just about who wins but also about total points so we shall see how we sitting next week. The end is kinda sad :(

The drinks were flowing that night so Friday was not a pleasant day for me. I was pretty miserable until about 2pm when I finally started getting my bearings again. Note to self: Less is more, especially with the spirits!

So, after a totally useless Friday, I have been determined to make more out of my Saturday. I did some computer work this morning, cleaned the deck and pool area, watered my plants and went for a run. Now, as you may have noticed from past posts, I do not run during daylight hours. Why? Cuz it's friggin hot out there! But, I think I deserved a bit of punishment for yesterday's sloth so I headed out for my run at 11am. Not quite peak sun hours but close enough. I headed down to the park about a half mile away and ran the park loop a couple times, then headed back home. It was about 2.5 miles total and I was a sweaty mess with a face the color of a beet. Oooh, so pretty! I'm proud that I forced myself through this run even though I wanted to give up after about 5 minutes since it felt like I was running in a hot steam sauna. Excessive sweating is good for the body, right?

And let me say, that pool was freaking awesome to jump in when I got back.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Very Sweaty Run

Even though I started at 8:45 tonight, it was still pretty warm out there and the humidity must be high cuz I was sweating before I even started running. Once I got going, the run felt pretty good. It's been a few days since I got these old legs moving and once I brushed off the cobwebs, it was smooth sailing. I ran about 2 miles and walked another half mile so a pretty good distance for me.

I want to start working on getting that 3 mile mark down good since the fall season is soon approaching and I know there are some 5Ks I want to enter. I can get through them now but it would be nice to get a decent time. Sometimes it's tough to push yourself when it's so hot but...suck it up dammit!

Anyway, running and the hula were my exercise for today. I didn't run last night but went swimming instead and did 2 miles in 45 minutes. Not too shabby! As for tomorrow, either I will have to get up early or just rely on bowling for my exercise. Sleeping in till 6am is looking pretty good right now.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why Not?

As you know, I live in very sunny south Florida. You know, where it's 150 degrees in the shade at 9am (only a slight exaggeration) and the humidity is at a dry 90%. So, of course the air conditioner would go out today. In the freaking summer. In August. Why Not? It's 82 degrees in here right now-better than I thought-and the fix-it man isn't coming till tomorrow. Guess someone's sleeping light tonight!

Well, my ants aren't sugar ants. I put out Terro last night and the ignored it. The funny thing is they are nowhere to be found today. I feel an ambush coming on...will keep you posted.

I think the weather is making me feel icky. Every time there is a weather system down here I start to feel this way, especially like my eyes are holding up their very own bricks. It doesn't feel like a cold..could be denial.

I didn't get up early this morning so I am going to do my sit ups and go out for a run tonight. Haven't run in a few days so this should feel pretty good. I always feel like a speed demon when I have some time off.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Short and Sweet

Nope, not talking about me (hee hee).

I've been dragging since Friday..think I've got a bit of a cold but I'm doing my best to fight it, nothing an overdose of Vitamin C can't combat.

Work is super busy. One of my coworkers is gone for 2 weeks and since I am freaking awesome at my job, I get to do hers too. Now I have deadlines coming out of my ears. Bet that's contributing to my tiredness.

Did some retail therapy at Target tonight. Got some new picture frames and house accessories. I *heart* Target.

I will be getting back into my exercise routine tomorrow so there should actually be a post about that one of these days again.

Wilson is being a butthead tonight so I'd best give him some attention before I go to bed.

Oh, and I'm at war..with the ants. So far they are winning but I shall overcome!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This is how I felt about the housework today. I was a cleaning machine today. I tackled the floors, dusted every room, vacuumed, did laundry, straightened the pool area, named a star, cleaned the bathrooms and washed lots of blankets that have Wilson's hair all over them. A productive day but one where you find yourself saying, "Didn't I just clean this?"

After my cleaning spree, I spent a few glorious hours in the pool with a good book. The pool is a perfect 84 degrees and I floated around with my Coke and book for a good three hours with breaks only to switch the laundry. It was lovely.

The rest of the weekend was pretty good, too. Friday night flew by, seeing as I came home, had a snack, said goodbye to Brian when he headed out for cards and took a nap-which lasted till about 9pm. Saturday I went to the beach early in the morning, ran some errands and spent the afternoon in the pool. Brian and I went to dinner at Olive Garden and rented some movies. Semi-Pro was about what I would have expected..had it's funny parts and 21 was pretty good, too.

Now it's time to whip up a Mexican feast of tacos (soft and hard-I'm very accommodating), chips/salsa and maybe a bud light lime. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm a Hoopin Machine

When I first started hula hooping, I was only able to do it for about 10 minutes, twice a week and got bruises after each session.

And now?

I am hoopin 30 minutes a night and squeezing in at least 5 nights a week. Woo hoo! Love the hula! I usually watch some tv or read my book while I'm hooping, otherwise the time drags by. Since this hoop is heavily weighted, all I could do at first was stand still and focus on making it for my desired time limit. Now, I've worked up to walking around (okay, I'm chasing the dog, but I'm walking while I do it!) and I do 5 minute squats every 7-10 minutes to switch things up.

Yep, I am a hula hoopin machine.

If only I could make some money off this. Legally, of course.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things I Love

Sometimes I just have to talk about the stuff I love in life..or continue an old list-whatever

1. Digital camera. There's nothing better than taking and picture and being able to download it on your computer right away to share w/family and friends.

2. My blackberry phone. It does will even talk to me if I push the right buttons, although it never says anything profound.

3. Books. I will gladly spend a fortune in books just for the sheer joy of reading. It is my favorite hobby.

4. The hula hoop. I'm not getting bruised anymore since I'm hooping on my stomach instead of my hip area so the hoop and I are now BFFs. What can I say, it keeps me entertained and away from the fridge for a half hour.

5. Bowling pins. I just love knocking them down!!

6. Swimsuit/goggles. Whenever I'm stressed or need some down time, I can jump into my gear and swim my troubles away..and burn some much-needed calories.

7. The computer. Duh.

8. My iPod. If I had to listen to myself huffin' and puffin' while running I would've given up a long time ago. Thank you music.

9. Flip flops. Clearly one of the greatest inventions ever.

10. The scale. Something needs to keep me in line!

It's been a pretty quiet week. I have not been a good girl gym-wise so my goal is to hit the gym tomorrow morning and run tomorrow night and then get back on track after that. No more slacking! Have a great night.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's a Sign

My favorite excuse not to go to the gym lately has been, "It's too far away." Too far away being a 10 minute drive, parking, putting stuff in locker, and getting to a machine to start. So, that's my big excuse for not going the past 3 weeks. Evidently, the gym gods heard my cranking and whining. So, they opened another gym 2 minutes from my house. Directly on my way home from work. Can't freaking miss it now. I went this morning and it rocks and has a beautiful indoor pool.

Guess that will shut me up.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Much-Needed Push

I've been a bit sluggish for the past week, which would explain why there hasn't been much exercise posted lately. So, after a good night sleep last night..I went to bed before 9pm...I heard the alarm start going off at 5am. I immediately hit the snooze and tried to talk myself out of getting up. After the second snooze hit, I gave myself a little talking to, forced myself out of bed and grabbed my gym clothes from the dresser. I got in a 30 minute walk/run this morning and it felt pretty dang good. But the best part was the rest of the day. I had renewed energy throughout my whole day. I wasn't tired at lunch and got to enjoy my book for a good 30 minutes. I got more done at work and came home with lots of energy to spare.

For the evening, I am going to do some errands and get some stuff off my to do list. If there's still time, I'm going to try and squeeze in another 30-45 workout of some type. Sometimes we just need to stop the excuses and push ourselves to get the job done. It's tough at first, but the rewards are worth it in the long run.

Monday, July 21, 2008

What are the odds

So, remember months ago when I mentioned taking the LSAT? Well, the test is October 4th...and my mom and sister will be here October 2nd-5th so I am going to be changing my test date. In the long run, I think it's a good thing because I have not touched my LSAT books except to dust them so I'm not even remotely prepared for the test, and I don't think it's one of those "wing it" type of tests. So, I'm going to reschedule it for December 8th, ya know like the day before my birthday. Perfect!

In other news, Batman's The Dark Knight rocks! It is a long one but was worth my time anyway and Heath Ledger did an excellent job as The Joker. A must-see!

I've been a stubborn one when it comes to exercise. In the last 5 days I have exercised a whopping 20 minutes-not including pushing my floaty raft around the pool yesterday. Enough of that-5am swimming will commence tomorrow, no exceptions. Work has been really stressful since we have two of our big bosses down from New York hovering over us to see how productive we are and I had extra work due to a coworker being out least the day flies by.

Well, time to finish the household chores so I can get to bed by 10ish. Happy Monday

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Random Thoughts

I've got nothing profound or news-worthy to share so how about some randomness instead.

First off, the bowling stats. Can't forget these right? Game 1: 135, Game 2: 117, Game 3: 117. Not worthy of a trophy but not too shabby-at least a broke a 100 on them all. What really matters is that our team has won the last two games so we are slowly sneaking up on everyone. That's right..we are playing a sneak attack on everyone so WATCH OUT bowling rivals!

My dog has decided that he must not get enough tasty treats in the mornings because he has decided to start eating my kitchen rug. When the first side of tassels disappeared, I blamed it on the washer/dryer (even though there was no evidence in either) but I never once thought it was Wilson. Now, both sides are missing tassels and the rug is getting smaller. Are you kidding me? We've had this dog for 4 years and he's never eaten anything more than stuffing from his own toys. Guess that lost its flavor so he's moved on to better things. He's lucky he's so cute.

I have not swam in 2.5 weeks. I could blame it on the near daily rain showers or I could tell it like it is. I've been too lazy to get my butt to the pool.

I found a fellow hula hooper in my friend Erin's sister, Emily. She also gets lots of bruising from her hoop and we think it's just the weight factor of the hula hoop. I may have to wear some padding around the waistline to prevent permanent damage-right now I can only use the hoop 2-3 times/week because my waistline feels like raw hamburger for a few days in between. I will conquer!

It's Saturday. It's beautiful outside. My house is cleaned, the bills are paid, the dog is fed ( if he gets hungry there's always the rug) so it's time for some playtime. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Wee Bit Stressed

I woke up at 5am already stressed out for the day. Now, if this continues, I will have nothing to look forward to at work-that's when I'm supposed to get all stressed and freaky! I know where all this stress is coming from: I'm doing lots of tossing and turning about career decisions and what direction I want to head to; stupid weight loss (yeah, I'm in a peachy mood today); and the big one is family stresses.

So, how has this lovely stress affected me so far? Well, I was up at the butt crack of dawn (a.k.a. middle of the night) on Monday and today, although I slept in till 5am, I woke up with a million things on my mind. I've had about 5 gallons of coffee since Friday-it's my stress reliever (HA!)- and I've been a bit piggish with the food choices. Like eating McDonalds and Wendys out of business. Pizza and chicken wings at Anthony's last night (scrumptious) and I've already got that first cup of coffee taken care of today.

The good news is I did get out of bed and went running this morning, which stopped all the stress thinking for awhile and it felt good to get out there. Three other neighbors are out walking at this time so I don't feel all alone, either. I'm going to try to make some good food choices..they haven't all been bad. In fact, I eat really well throughout the day until I get home. Maybe I'm not getting enough calories during the day and that's why I want to eat the couch cushions once I get in the door. Something to ponder.

Well, enough from my front. Time to pack the lunch and get myself organized. Later gators

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No Need for Sleep, Right?

I am wide awake. I've been wide awake since about 3:30 this morning. What the freaking hell is this about? All I can say is this should make for an interesting day-hopefully I won't crash by 10am. Bring on the flavored coffee!

So, after a no-holds-barred weekend of crap food, I felt like a chunk munk yesterday at work. My favorite scale reports the same number (thank goodness!) so no gain but you know when you just feel like a pile of mush? That was me. I ate pretty good yesterday, lots of fruit and veggies and last night I went for a 2 mile run, did 30 minutes with the hula hoop ( I *heart* my hula hoop) and did my sit ups/crunches. Maybe getting back into the exercise mode is what got me up so early.

Today, I am hoping to make it through the work day without a nap, run some errands and head to the gym. Here's hoping for another terrific Tuesday!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Good Ole' Sundays

Last night, Brian and I did venture out for some bowling action and I did pretty good. First game was a 98, game 2 was 146 and game 3 was 120. Not stellar but better than an 85. I think I need my own ball so I'm not constantly trying to get comfortable with the lovely house balls they have. And shoes. And a bowling trainer. And a fan base. And my own bowling t-shirt line. That should do it. Then I would be unstoppable! After bowling, we were still feeling the competitive streak so we hit the pool hall near our house for some extra fun. First time there and it's a pretty nice place..even a live band and no cover for a change. We played lots of darts and, although I lost every freaking round, it was a good time.

Today, my most exciting thing was the grocery store. Note to Self: If you want to maintain your sanity, do not go the the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon. You are just begging for trouble. Everyone else in the city limits was there to shop so it was nice and crowded. I had to use my pivot skills from basketball when getting my fruits/veggies and still managed to beat Brian while he hung out in the deli. Then tackle football took place in the aisles trying to get past people to the shelves. What a fiasco!

As for tonight, I think I'll give Wilson a bath, watch some Law & Order Criminal Intent and prepare meals for tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

P.S. You may have noticed a lack of exercise these past few days. Yep, I've been boycotting it since Wednesday. No reason except I'm being a lazy bum. I think I'll use darts as my upper body workout and bowling as my low-impact cardio workout. Sounds good, right? Denial is so sweet.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cleaning Therapy

As you have probably come to realize, I despise my job and loathe a number of my coworkers for their lack of brain activity during the work hours. What can you expect when your boss hires based on personality? ( Not kidding, either. That's what she told me she started doing awhile back. It's not working lady!). Yesterday, I was at the boiling point when I got home and I was still a little pissy this morning so I decided therapy was in order.

Retail therapy was not in the cards so good, old-fashioned cleaning therapy was it. I swept the floors, vacuumed, cleaned the pool and pool deck, watered plants, washed dishes, did 4 loads of laundry and made lunch. I also managed to get in a couple hours pool/book time before the rains came down. I always feel so much better when the house is clean and pristine (well, clean anyway) so this melted any remaining resentment I have for work-at least till Monday rolls around again.

Tonight I think we are going to do some bowling. with an 80 and 85, I can obviously use the practice. Maybe I'll try it without the Bud Light and see how I do. Hmm...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Value your Body

Okay, let's start off with the important bowling stats. I know you are all dying to hear how I did so hear goes...Game 1-126, Game 2-125, Game 3-85. I blame Game 3 on the Miller Lite. See, we were drinking Bud Light through game one and most of two and then we got a bad pitcher of Bud and had to switch to Miller. That's when my game went downhill. It's all good though cuz I got to hang out with Erin and my best bud, Miller, so the night rocked regardless of my crappy last score.

Work sucked ass but I won't bore you with the details except to say that if someone in particular got laid at work then she wouldn't be such an intolerable bitch. The end.

On another note, I've been reading a book entitled Energy Addict and it's first chapter is entitled "Value Your Body." It's true when it states that we take better care of our $20,000 automobiles than we do our priceless bodies. Taking care of ourselves should be top priority. Without a healthy body, we cannot function properly in this world.

I'm trying to put more value into my body by regular exercise and more sleep. I will admit I am still a slacker on the food aspect but I am trying to do better. The beer, ladies, is here to stay. How about you? What do you do to value your body?

Okay, it's getting late and I need my sleep so time to skedaddle. Have a super friday everyone!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Murphy's Law

Today did not go quite as I would have planned. In the words of Murphy's Law, if anything can go wrong, it will.

Q. Did I get up early this morning for my refreshing run or swim?
A. Uh, no.

Q. Did I get up on time, refreshed and ready for my day.
A. If you count missing the alarm completely and jumping out of bed when Brian's alarm went off then, yes.

Q. Did I leave the house fully prepared for my day?
A. I managed to pack a lunch (salad, chicken breast and fruit cup) but forgot all eating utinsils so I ate lunch with my paring knife. That's right, I live on the edge.

Q. Did work fly by as smoothly as yesterday?
A. HAHAHAHAHA....NOT! The phone rang off the hook and my employees made me want to climb the neighboring building and tower over the edge of the roof.

So, not quite the day I had planned but what can you do, right? I got home, had a nice bowl of soup, played with Wilson for a little while and went for a nice, long walk. Oh, and I did about 15 minutes of the hula hoop, too. Now I'm ready for a bubble bath and some reading. Have a great night everyone!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And it Was Chicas!

I set out to have a terrific Tuesday and I was not disappointed. Yippee! Here's how I tallied my terrificness:

* work did not suck. this can be rare so i must enjoy this moment and relish it for the rest of the night because i have yet to have a repeat of this this event.

* i went to the bookstore and bought 3 new books. My couple of my buds had read Jen Lancaster's Such a Pretty Fat so i decided to get it too..and her other two books. i am up to my ears in sarcasm-love it!

* i got my stimulus check from Uncle Sam.

* and i got my exercise out of the way first thing this morning.

not too shabby people. it's the little things in life that give me the biggest smiles. hope everyone had a terrific tuesday and you are ready for wacky wednesday tomorrow. it obvious i've had too much caffeine today?

Terrific Tuesday

I hope, anyway. That nice long weekend sure flew by. The fourth of July was a great time. We had a ton of food (which I think I'm still digesting) and lots of fireworks from the BankAtlantic Center show and the boys' endless supply. Good times had by all. It was great to see baby Miller, too. He is getting so big already!

I have to be honest and say that I did not get in any exercise over the swimming, running, not even vigorous splashing in the backyard pool. That's okay, though. It was nice to relax and just enjoy a holiday weekend for a change instead of always feeling like you are being rushed and pulled in several directions.

Yesterday, I got in a nice 3.5 mile walk and then ran a mile after work/dinner. I felt so refreshed that I bounced out of bed this morning (after three snooze hits on the alarm) and went out for another run this morning where I managed 2 miles running and .5 miles walking. Now I am ready for the day! Or a nap.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back to Running

After a brief hiatus from running at which time I was fully focused on swimming, I decided this week was as good as any to dust off the old running shoes and get out there again. On Monday, I managed to squeeze in 20 minutes before the rains chased me back into the house. Overall, this was a pretty good warmup to running again. Not too long to make me real sore the next day and I put in a little sprinting at the end when I was racing towards the house. Not trying to sound like a chicken..I don't mind the rain, but I don't dig the thunder and lightning combo pack. After the run, I did some crunches/sit-ups, arm weights and 30 minutes on the hula hoop. I'm enjoying getting back to "hooping" but I think I may have to look into other hoops since mine continues to give me bruises around my hip bones. I'll give it a couple more weeks to see how it goes.

Last night was a better run. I was out there for about 35 minutes and did a half mile of walking and 2.5 miles running. It had been raining for a couple hours prior to my run so when I got out there it actually seemed cooler. There was a nice breeze and the air temps seemed to have gone down a bit. Obviously the humidity was still pretty high cuz when I got home I was drenched in sweat. All for a good cause.

I'm feeling pretty good this morning. No aches and pains, just a nice muscle tightness from working the muscles a little harder this week. The pool and I have a date this evening, weather permitting of course.

Happy hump day..later chicas

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Month/New Motivation

Wow, it's July already! I swear the older (more mature) you get, the faster the months fly by. Wasn't it just January a little while ago? So, in light of a new month, I feel it's time to up the motivation and kick things up a notch here in Crystal Land.

My motivation is my sister and mom are coming down here the first weekend of October and I want to show them how far I've come. I haven't seen my mom since February and will be 13 months since I've seen my sister, so I think showing them how much I've accomplished will be a great way to break in the weekend splendor. So, to increase my "wow" factor from now until then, I need some good goals for this month.

1. Swim 6 hours per week: 2 days per week at one hour each and two hours each on Sat/Sun.

2. Work on my running mileage. With the heat/humidity factor, I have put running on the back burner for awhile but I'm itching to get out there again and start increasing my mileage. I was out last night for a 20 minute run and, although I was drenched in sweat, it felt good to get out there again. I'd like to be running 3 miles consistently for this month.

3. Increase sit-ups. I usually do about 200 crunches at a time but sit-ups kick my ass. I'd like to see 25 sit-ups at one time by the end of this month.

4. Try one new exercise class this month.

5. Increase water intake. Right now, I would label myself dehydrated. I drink water here and there but rarely get the 64 oz/per day in at all. I think I'm going to add a Propel water in there two shake up the flavor and keep adding lemon to my water to get me to drink more.

I think that should keep me busy for the month. Hope everyone has a fantastic July and hits all of their goals, too. Later chicas

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Life is Good

Well, the knee is getting better already (yay!). The bruising has started to set in but I'm not limping anymore and the pain is minimal unless I do a lot of moving around so I'm hoping to get back to the swimming tomorrow or Tuesday. Today was a pretty relaxing day here. I took Wilson for a walk this morning, made breakfast for Brian and myself, read the Sunday paper and cleaned the house..all before 10am. Then, I hung out in the pool with a good book for the afternoon relaxing with a nice cold drink at hand. Yep, got the floaty toys with the built-in cup holder-doesn't get much sweeter than this my friends!

So, since I'm in a good mood today, I've been thinking about the little things that make me smile. Sometimes you just have to appreciate the little things, they are what really make life special. Here's a few of mine:

1. That first cup of coffee in the morning when I get to work. Scrumptious.

2. Seeing Wilson's excitement to see me when I get home. He's such a sweet, little monster!

3. Law & Order Criminal Intent episodes on Sunday evenings. I am addicted to this show and love getting 3-4 episodes on my Sunday nights.

4. The new car smell. Can't be replicated with an air freshener.

5. Knowing my sister and mother are coming to visit in 3 months.

6. Activia yogart with almond slivers.

7. Cold Stone cake batter ice cream.

8. My iPod..what did I do without this?

9. Waterproof mascara

10. Monthly massages

Life is good.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Small Setback

I am a klutz. So, of course my clumsiness would eventually result in some wear and tear on the body, right? Case in point: since it's summer we get all these lovely gnats swarming about. They see the pool and dive right in and, of course, die from the chlorine or their own crash landings, who knows. Whatever the cause, the pool needs to be cleaned of the bug graveyard every day or so. So, last night, I was out there on the deck with my little skimmer just cleaning away. I'd been at it for about 15 minutes and was heading around one of the tighter edges of my pool when my foot slipped on the water on the deck and my right leg flies into the pool, smashing my knee right into the corner of the deck. I wish Brian would have gotten a picture of this cuz I'm sure I looked like an acrobat gone wrong with one leg in the pool and the other splayed out behind me like I'm trying to do a new kind of splits. Needless to say, my knee was hurting big time. I rested for the rest of the night, thinking it would be fine this morning. Umm, not so much. I woke up to the throbbing pain of a pissed off knee so my big swimming session may have to be postponed. At least there is no bruising (yet) but that baby is nice and swollen, especially the muscles right above my knee. I may have to take a rest day and just chill in the pool with a good book...I have it so rough, right?

In other current CJ events:

Bowling was, um, how shall I put this...haphazard? My scores were: 80, 158 and 115. Yeah, um, not sure what was going on with me but I am totally placing the blame on Lane 11. We just were not connecting and it caused a serious rift between us the whole night.

I am so swamped at work I can't see my desk. It is completely covered with files galore. I think my heart rate goes up every time I look at it, too. At least I have a three day weekend next week so I can avoid it for one more day that week..hopefully I can find my desk before the weekend starts but I'm sure once I clear a spot, more will pile up. Well, all that works keeps me from office shenanigans so I guess it's a good thing.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why I'm Doing This

We all have our reasons for losing weight and getting back in shape. I'm sure everyone has a story out there of the moment the light bulb went off in their heads and they decided, then and there, to make a change in their lifestyle. I am no different, although mine wasn't so much a light bulb as a small atomic bomb exploding in my face.

I'll admit that one of the reasons to lose weight is to look better. I am only 5'2" tall...there should not be that much weight on this short, little body!

But, it's not just the number on the scale and the reflection in the mirror. It's knowing what being overweight does to the body. The physical drain on the muscles, bones, ligaments, etc. having to carry around all that extra weight. Not to mention the extra work the heart and other organs have to exert to make up for the extra pounds that have been added on over the years. I have been exercising steadily for about 7 months now and I just feel better, inside and out. My cholesterol has gone down drastically; my lower back rarely hurts anymore; my joints don't ache like they did this time last year.

Yes, diet and exercise take up much more of my time than they used to but I feel that is time well spent. By making myself feel better, I have strengthened my friendships and have met new people because of my increased activity. I have always been the type of person who wants to better myself in all areas of my life. For awhile, exercise/diet took a backseat to school, new jobs, family...the list goes on. It's good to have this area back in the daily routine and it is great to be reaching my goals again.

Good luck to all fellow bloggers who are out there every day working hard to achieve their goals. Kick ass!

My exercise tonight was a miscellanous pile of stuff: hula hoop (15 minutes), jump rope (20 minutes-my calves hurt!), sit-ups/crunches, push-ups and I took Wilson for a 30 minute walk. Now I'm ready for some R&R. Got to rest up for bowling tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuckered Out

I was a good girl this morning and jumped (okay, crawled) out of bed at 4:45 this morning, squeezed into my swimsuit and headed out to the pool. Because of all the rain, the pool was nice and refreshing (82 degrees), which is so nice seeing as it is usually on the warm side (86 degrees) due to the heat. It took me a while to warm up/wake up, but I got into my groove and did about a mile and a half in 50 min before I had to head home to start my day. It felt good to get that out of the way for the day, especially since it looks like rain again, but I'm all tired out now. Me thinks it may be an early night again tonight!

Another thing I've started to add to my exercise routines is jumping rope. Last weekend, I was in Target and decided to pick one up. I'm sure we all remember fondly jumping rope as kids. I also did a lot of jump rope moves in volleyball. So, with my all skill and expertise, this should be a breeze, right? Hahaha....not so much. I felt like I was jumping with a 20 pound sack on my back. Guess gravity got a little heavier over the years! So, I managed about 7 minutes before I called it quits. I will be happy to get 10 minutes down the road. It's another little exercise I'm adding on the off days I don't do the hula hoop. The best part of both these exercises is that Wilson is terrified of both and thinks I'm being attacked, so he gets close to help me and then chickens out, backs up and barks. What a fruit loop!

Well, I'm off to straighten up the house and find something productive to do. Reading sounds pretty productive to me. Toodles!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Where to Place the Blame - Again

Yep, had myself another little weigh-in this morning. And what to my eyes see on the scale....the same damn thing as they saw the last two weeks. So, where should I place the blame this week? That's easy this time...


I am not being very cooperative with myself this month. The bottom line is that I know what I need to do to get that stupid scale to move down and I haven't been doing it. Too much pizza, chips and other crappy foods. I may have to put the kibosh on all of these wonderful treats and really focus on making some healthy eating choices, maybe even try a new recipe or two.

The goal for this week is to drop 2 pounds. Not unreasonable at all considering I haven't moved for awhile now. I'm going to work on eating small meals every four hours and get in 5 days of exercise. Hopefully this daily thunderstorm thing we have going on down here will subside and I can get some running in again.

Non-diet related news: it was a pretty quiet weekend. Lots of thunder, lightning and rain. So I did a lot of reading and watched some movies. We saw The Bucket List, There Will Be Blood and I watched The Other Boleyn Girl. They were all pretty good flicks but nothing spectacular.

Since it's raining again, I think I will do some reading and turn in early tonight. I would like to get up early and go to pool before work tomorrow as it usually clear skies in the a.m. Got to work with the weather!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Quiet Night at Home

Yeah, it's Friday..and the first day of summer! Since Brian is out with the guys tonight, I'm going to have a nice, quiet night of relaxation. I think a nice bubble bath with a good book (I'm currently reading The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett) and I want to watch The Other Boleyn Girl too, if I don't get too engrossed in the book.

I managed a run/walk interval training yesterday morning at the ass-crack of dawn. It went pretty well. I start out with 5 minutes walking, then running and slowly increase the running time to 10-15 minutes with 5 minute walking intervals in between until I run out of time and have to head home. The running seems to be getting better so I'm going to start phasing out some of the walking sets and work on my distance.

Bowling was last night and I am pleased to report there was plenty of Bud Light to go around. However, this did not improve my game into superstar status so I guess it's up to me to keep practicing or find a lucky shirt/hairpiece, etc. My scores were: 116, 114 and 138. Erin came out to cheer us on last night and brought some delicious caramel bars she made, so yummy.

I think I'm going to take tonight off on the exercise front and hit the pool tomorrow morning if it's not raining. The rain has been quite the deterrent this week when it comes to swimming since the pool is outdoors. If no swimming, then I will just hit the gym.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rainy Day

It has been raining steady all evening so I have made the decision to halt any exercise activity for the day. I declare today a rest day! To be honest, I was debating this all day. I went swimming last night and got in 100 laps and, let me tell you, my arms freaking hurt today. All this swimming is the most exercise my arms have seen in a long time. I could barely move when I got home and felt pretty stiff today so having the rain sticking around for the night is a good thing, I think.

So, what am I doing with my fun-filled evening? Why, I'm enjoying a good book with a nice Bud Light. Couldn't help it, the drink literally jumped in my lap and demanded to be drunk. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating but that's what I'm telling myself. So, I'm off to continue my reading for an hour or so and then I'm off to bed. I did manage to get a good night's sleep last night..I think I finally tired myself out. Hoping the refreshing Bud Light will lead to another restful night.

Peace out homies!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Insomnia Strikes Again

I am so friggin tired today. But it's one of those tired moments where you are so overtired you cannot even attempt a nap to rest up cuz the eyes just won't shut. I think I've had about 5-6 hours of restless sleep in the last couple of days, which wouldn't be so bad if I were still in my college days but I can't handle it in the real world. I'm hoping I've worn out all my excessive thinking-about-everything-and-nothing by now and I can get a good night's sleep tonight.

I did manage to hit the pool last night for an hour's worth of laps. No counting...just worked on conditioning my strokes and making them more fluid so I can cut through those waves like a speedboat next year. I worked on the freestyle, backcrawl, breaststroke and butterfly. I'm feelin' it in the shoulders and quads today. I was planning on going for another swim session tonight but the weather is not being cooperative today. Summer is here and with it has come the rainy season. I hear the thunder as I type so I may have to resort to an indoor workout tonight.

That's all for today. My fingers hurt and I'm getting cranky. later chicas

Monday, June 16, 2008

What To Blame

I like to do my weigh-ins on Monday since I see this as the start of the week for me and I like to know where I'm starting at (yep, I do weigh myself throughout the week but this is the one I count). Got on the scale and all I can say is "SCREW YOU SCALE!" Yep, we are not really on speaking terms right now. In fact, I think it needs some alone time to think about how it treated me this morning. No wonder I was not so pleasant at work today.

I know I'm being a bit of a drama queen (I'm am a Sagittarius after all) because there was no weight gain, but no loss either. I want loss dammit! So, what am I going to blame. Let's see...

1. The big spaghetti dinner with garlic bread last night.
2. The 3 cups of cappuccino every day this past week.
3. Only exercising 3 days this past week.
4. Pitchers of beer on bowling night-it helps my game ;)
5. Beer on Friday night
6. Or just not making the best food choices for most of the week.

Gee, I guess I'm pretty lucky I didn't have a big gain from this, now that I see it in writing. So, I'm going try and flip this around this week so I get a nice loss on Monday. I am waaayyy too far away from my goal weight to be slacking off already.

Tonight I'm going to hit the pool for some laps since I haven't done any since last weekend. Bad girl! Oh, I did practice my flip turns in my own pool but that consists of flip-glide-hit other end of pool-repeat until dizzy.

chow chicas

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Procrastination Wins

I never learn. I am a procrastinator down to the core of my being and I just never learn to do things in a timely manner. Case in point: I'm on thyroid meds and I have about 8 days worth of pills till I'm out. No reason to panic. Now, I've had the prescription filled since May but I have to get these meds via mail order so I put off sending them out until Friday. I express mailed the damn thing for $20 extra bucks. Why you ask? Well, on Thursday I dropped the bottle of pills in the sink and when I went to take one on Fri, they were nothing but a pile of orange goo. Seems some water got in when I dropped it and that's the end of my 8-day supply. Now, if I had not procrastinated, I would be fine. Now I'm SOL for a week. Procrastination 1, Crystal 0.

Besides my pill drama, it has been a nice, relaxing weekend. I did a lot of house cleaning and laundry on Saturday and enjoyed the pool as much as I could without getting crispy. I made it out for a 5 mile walk/run interval training session this morning and the humidity seemed to be a bit better. I was only sweating small buckets when I got home instead of the big ones. Good times.

Now I think I finish some household chores, take Wilson for a walk and get a little reading in this evening. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Are We in Junior High Again?

This is what I had to ask a fellow colleague today at work. It was late this afternoon and all of a sudden we hear the conference room door slam shut and the yelling began. It seems that some of the ladies were upset because a group of us girls went out a few Saturdays ago for a girls night on the town...they weren't invited cuz, well, they are really not our friends. Apparently, they took offense to this and have been giving a couple of girls a hard time. So, the manager got involved and rounded up the group and put them in the conference room for a free-for-all shouting match. Glad I was on the outside of that. My friend, N, said nothing got accomplished but she was told by the instigator of this fiasco that she should be slapped across the face. What?!! This rude-ass lady is in her mid-forties and acting like this..gee, wonder why you weren't invited?

See, this behavior baffles me and this is not unusual for my lovely place of work. In my opinion, we all do not have to be friends and hang out on the weekends. There are going to be people you really don't care for at work and there is nothing wrong with that. I think it's ridiculous that this discussion (fight) even took place. We are not in junior high, we don't have to like each other, we just have to work together with some level of respect for one another. Good luck with that!

So that was my work day today. On a better note, my iPod finally went caput (w/Brian's help) and he was such a great fella that he bought me a new one. Yeah! It looks just like this one. Now I just need some new running shoes and I will have completed my motivational tools to increase my running time and distance (um, yeah..okay). I might try it out this evening if the rains subside. If it's still raining, I think I will just put in a workout tape and stay indoors for the night. I definitely have to get some type of workout in since BJ and I went out for dessert last night...I bet I consumed 1000 calories just in my half alone. That should only take about 20 hours of exercise to work off, right?

later chicas

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kick-Ass Workout Weekend

Yep, I rocked the exercise this weekend. And I am feeling it now!

Brian and I went to bed early Friday night so I was up at the ass-crack of dawn and out for a morning walk by 6:15am. Now that summer is here, Florida is a miserable, sweltering spot on the sun so it was nice to get out there before the sun had a chance to peak yet, although with no breeze whatsoever and humidity at about 1200%, it was still quite steamy out there. I did 3.5 miles walking and then picked up the pace and ran a mile before I was drenched with sweat and had to call it quits...with that part, that is. Once i got in the house, I grabbed my swim gear and hit the pool. The pool at my gym is a standard size (25 yards=1 length) and I got in 66 lengths (one mile).

Today has been more of the same. I got in a 3.5 mile walk again this morning but skipped the running portion. Then I headed to the pool and swam 110 lengths in 50 minutes. I am so excited because I really want to do the Key West swim next year and, if I can keep this pace up, I could get done with the race in about 6.5 hours (they allot 7 or 8 hours for completion). So, my plan is to keep building up my endurance by adding more and more laps until I crash. The majority of my laps consist of freestyle, although I do throw in the breaststroke, leg/arm drills and the backstroke to break up the monotony. I shall conquer this!

Besides the exercise, it has been a pretty quiet weekend. I've spent a lot of it lounging in the pool with a book, and with nearly two days in the sun, I am starting to see a sunburn forming-even though I am lathered an inch thick with sunblock. Blasted sun rays!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Friday

Did everyone know that today is National Donut Day? Me fact, I never would have thought we would have a day to celebrate donuts but boy was I mistaken! I'm tempted to run to Dunkin and pick up a batch for work in celebration of this great event. I guess it'll depend on how quickly I get ready for work today, so far I'm in slow turtle mode but I may surprise myself and kick it up to cheetah speed.

Last night was the first night of bowling league and let's just say, I could use a little practice. I got a 95, 112 and 100. That's nothing to write home about! I think, once I get my own ball and some comfy shoes, my bowling skills will magically appear and I will be a dominant force to be reckoned with on the bowling alleys. Beware all future opponents!

I'm so glad it's Friday! This week seemed to go pretty fast but I feel like I didn't get much accomplished. The plan for today is to ignore my phone at work and get as much stuff done as I can and then hit the gym after work for a swim and maybe some cardio, then an evening of relaxation.

Have a great day everyone

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So Much Excitement!

A big congrats to Erin and Ryan on their new baby boy, Miller! Brian and I stopped by the hospital to see the new family this evening and I got some one-on-one time with the new little man. Such a sweet face and I think he is going to be a tall one, just like daddy! It was a nice visit...we kept it short as the new parents have not had much, if any, sleep time in two days. It's so nice to have a new baby in our crew..can't wait to see him again.

Hope Erin and Ryan get some sleep while they still can!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back to the Basics

My stats for this morning: hot and sweaty. Kudos to all Floridians who can run in this blasted humidity...this morning it felt like I was trying to run through water-with cement blocks on my feet-and I got caught in some seeweed-and the wind was against me. Get the idea?

Since I have not ran for almost 2 months, I decided my best approach to getting back into this was to do baby steps. I'm trying to prevent the shin splints and, let's face it, when it comes to running I am out of shape again. Son of a monkey's butt! Feels like I had worked so hard before but that damn accident put a wrench in things so here I am at square one again. So, I did some interval training this morning. Walked for 5 min, ran for 2-3 minutes for a half mile and then increased my running to 5 minutes, then ended with 5-7 minute walks and 10 minute runs. Now for some quick stretching and then it's time to get ready for work.

I think I'm going to continue the interval training for at least a week until I build up my stamina again. It seriously felt like I'd never ran before. Once I get these kinks out-again-I will start to build up my running distance again.

And get some new shoes Crystal!

later gators