Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dog Park Drama/Comedy Laughs

You know, I always pictured the dog park as a nice place to relax and watch your dog make some friends...yeah, he may do some cannonballs in the wading pools (and you w/no towel) or sniff some butts for too long but overall, it has always been a relaxing experience. Not so yesterday.

There is nothing quite like arriving at the dog park to see the Humane Society and the ambulance there on scene to make you wonder, "What the hell?" Brian and I arrive at the dog park w/this very scene. After interviewing witnesses, we come to find out some loser abandoned his/her pit bull in the park and it got into a fight with another pit bull there. When the owner of the 2nd pit bull tried to break up the fight, she got bit by the abandoned pit bull. And of course there was added drama w/all the little dogs trying to get involved as well. No one was seriously hurt, thankfully, and the abandoned dog was taken way. We waited until the excitement subsided and then brought Wilson in to the park. He had his usual fun time and was enjoying the company of another pug until yet another huge pit bull came in and started getting a little to aggressive with them. And that was the last straw for us...back home to the safety of the backyard for Wilson!

Brian and I had a nice evening out on the town, too. We went to the Hard Rock Casino for some comedy (super funny stuff!) and then drove down to Ft. Lauderdale and enjoyed some dueling piano playing at "Howl at the Moon." All in all, a fun and eventful Saturday.

Today is laundry day with some good book reading in between. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.


Jess said...

That is exacty why some parks ban pit bulls.

Glad you had a good evening!

Erin said...

That's too bad for the dog park fun. I have never seen a fight that bad but there have been moments where I have wondered who and what type of person would bring their dog into that environment knowing they can't control them. Annie can be a bruiser but for the most part, she likes to hang with the peeps over the other dogs (except of course, her boyfriends Bear or Scooter).

I was hoping Jess would post about herself getting flipped over by two mastiffs. They were having too much fun and took her feet out right from underneath her. Looked like it hurt but was funny as hell. Especially when the dogs stopped to lick her face to make sure she was ok. Sorry Jess, it was funny.