Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Hurt Everywhere!

I had planned to write a bit last night but I even my fingers hurt from this exercise high I'm on this week. Went for day 2 of running last went pretty well. Adriana and I went further distances running before succumbing to shortness of breath and walking. I think we did the run/walk for a total of 6 miles, 2.5 to 3 miles of running. As you can see, I am a mere novice at this and have not acquired the proper running terminology quite yet.

All I can say for last night and this morning is..ouch, I freaking hurt everywhere! I figured it would just be the legs that would take the brunt of the pain but I think my back and shoulders are the winner. Maybe I'm a tense runner or just need to work on my form. Definitely going to take today off from running and will try to sneak some time in tomorrow.

Time to get a nice cup of vanilla-flavored coffee, a blanket and a good book and head out to the patio for some morning enjoyment. Ah, I love Florida winters! Have a good day!


Shannon said...

Enjoy! I got a little reading in today myself (between taking down the tree and cleaning).

Shannon said...

I meant enjoy the book. Not enjoy the pain - that sounds horrible. :(

Jess said...

Wow, I can't believe you guys put in 6 miles! That's really far! Good job.

I always feel my long runs in my neck and shoulders -- I think I tense up there (especially once I beg to get tired) -- but it's also surprising to find how running really uses your whole body. $10 says you're more sore today (Sunday) than yesterday. Typically the soreness gets worse in the second day, so you may need to take today off as well.

Rest is just as important to your muscles as exercise is.