Saturday, January 26, 2008

I love my Saturdays

What a beautiful day today! Mid-70's, nice breeze, sunny day...this is an "I love Florida" kind of day. This morning, Brian and I went out for breakfast on the beach at Luna Rosa in Deerfield Beach (best omelets I have ever had) and had a nice our or so walk on the beach. The Festival of Arts was there along the beachfront and we browsed all the paintings, sculptures, etc. there. Found a beautiful painting I really wanted; thank goodness the money was locked in the truck or I'd be about $200 poorer right now. Lots of great stuff to look at though.

This afternoon has been all about the book reading...just chillin' on the patio with a John Grisham book and watching Wilson trying to catch a squirrel. My little buddy is trying his damndest to climb a tree but no luck yet, folks!

Now I'm off to some more reading and will probably try to squeeze in a workout and some house cleaning before getting cleaned up for a girls night w/Megs., pizza and movie...I can't wait!


Erin said...

Are you reading the one that has the football player in Italy? I just started it and it's pretty good so far. Nothing crazy yet but much better than the last one I read by John Grisham.

Sounds like a busy day. We have just been working around the house.

Shannon said...

What movie are you gals going to see? Let me know if it's a good one. :)

Jess said...

Hop eou enjoyed your Saturday -- sounds relaxing and fun!

Ryan said...

See, Florida grows on us Northerers after awhile. Just remember how good January feels once it is July.