Thursday, January 24, 2008


I could blame it on the weather - it has rained the last couple of evenings, therefore preventing me from getting a run in.

I could blame the weekend houseguests - it's always hard to sneak in workouts with company in town.

I could even blame the washer/dryer - they did not wash my workout clothes, therefore preventing me from my progress.

Or....I could just look in the mirror and say SLACKER! It's Thursday and I have not done any exercising since Monday, when I snuck in a nice hour long walk and then jogged for 1/2 an hour. Since then, I have been coming home after work, having a nice, filling dinner and enjoying some recent movie purchases. So today I'm up nice and early and am going for a morning walk....going to try and get Brian to go too. He wanted to last night, let's see if he has the same enthusiasm this morning ;)

P.S. If you haven't seen 3:10 to Yuma, I recommend it. We also watched Saw IV; since we've seen the other three, we had to see this one too. Surprisingly good seeing as they had killed off the main characters in the previous one. Note to self: those with weaker stomaches need not apply as it is quite graphic. I swear they get more gruesome with each film.

Time to go walking!

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Jess said...

3:10 to Yuma was very good -- we enjoyed it. As for the Saw movies? No thanks. Too grody for me.

Hope the walk in the fog went well!