Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sugar Addict

So, I am one month into the New Years resolutions and, so far so good. I am actually starting to enjoy running now, though I have a long way to go before a half marathon would be an option. I was a sprinter in high school so these long runs are hard to get used to but I'm trying, puffing away and dragging the feet at times but still moving forward.

One area that's hindering my progress is my diet. I have no problem eating healthy foods; I actually enjoy salads, fruits and veggies, even chicken on a regular basis. It's the SUGAR! Love, love, loooovvvee the sugar. I swear, it's like a drug, especially when I'm stressed or even bored I want something with the sweet stuff. However, I know this is so not good for me. Cutting out the soda would be a good start (yeah, I'm drinking a Dr. Pepper as I type..caffeine and sugar BONUS) but I also need some other good ideas for getting rid of my evil sugar demons.

Any ideas on some good ways to curb the sweet tooth? Any healthy alternatives?

Now I'm off for the evening run. Hopefully, the sugar high from the Dr. Pepper will make me swift and surefooted tonight. HA


Jess said...

The soda may have actually made your run go better -- the muscles love the sugar.

As far as trying to eliminate it, I have no suggestions. For years, I loved the sweet stuff and it was huge when I switched to diet. It's only been four weeks off soda completely, for me, and it's been tough. Especially in the afternoon, or with some meals, I really crave a diet pepsi, but all and all, I think it was good to go off it.

For me, I had to go cold turkey. I just stopped buying it.

Erin said...

I am NOT one to help in the area of sugar. I am a complete and total sugar junkie. I am pretty sure that I will be forever. I have tried to be better with it before, but no luck.

Ryan said...

Try some chewing tobacco. It works for me.

Brian said...

Splenda, I've cut out sugar in coffee and tea using Splenda.
For me the key was to stop buying stuff with sugar.
Right now, the person in the office next to mine has a dozen of DONUTS and is trying to get me to eat one.
I want one, but I just peeled back my banana, and I'm smiling inside.

Its not going to be easy to stop, but you can do it.


Marathoner in Training said...

I saw your note to Jess on her site, regarding the garmin. I would recommend finding one with a heart rate monitor. You can also check Garmin web site and they have a compare section for the different units they have. They have a new model comming out this spring the 405, it looks more like a watch than a computer but it has its limitations. I have a 305 and I love it. If you have any questions, feel free to inquire.

As for sugar, give it up. When we are cooking and the recipe calls for sugar we use Splenda.

Best of luck to you.

miss petite america said...

fruit with chocolate. that's the good kind of sweets right? :)

no really, if you're gonna have sweets, that's probably be the best you can do. artificial sweeteners scare the bejesus out of me. even splenda. ALL of it is chemical and ALL of it is processed. you could try honey or maple syrup.

ThickChick said...

Yeah, on the soda front, the only thing that worked for me is cold turkey. It was hard at first and now I can't imagine drinking one!

As for other means of sweet... well, I've gotten to the point where unless I'm having a real indulgence (i.e. dessert at a restaurant or someting) I can get by with a little dark choco and maybe some fresh berries. But I might put a bit of Agave Nectar in my oatmeal if I am craving something sweet.

I'm with Miss Petite America - anymore I totally fear Splenda, Equal, etc... but that is an individual choice and I'm sure many find it to be a total savior.

If I was naturally skinny, man, I think I'd be so unhealthy on the inside because I do have a major sweet tooth! =)