Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Week 2 Goals

Week 1 of the new year went fairly well. I did work on my to-do list and was happily able to cross off a few items, although I will admit my procrastination monster did hinder my progress a couple days this week when mindless tv won out over chores. But not a bad beginning. I shall persevere!

Now it's time to set some small goals for Week 2. Here is what I have come up with so far:

1. Take down tree and Christmas decorations. Yes, I do realize it is well after Christmas and New Years but what can I say, I love all my snowman decorations.

2. 2 days: 30-45 minute swim (weather permitting)

3. 3 days: 20-30 minute run >I'm so new at this one that I'm not even ready for distance, although maybe having a distance goal would push me harder. Any suggestions?

4. Clean kitchen/dining room from top to bottom.

I think that should keep me busy for a few days. Hopefully I can keep my procrastination monster hidden in the closet so I can get through everything. Hope everyone has a great day!


Jess said...

A lot of runners do it by time. One popular way is called a 5/1 rule: run 5 minutes and walk 1. Seems to work well for many people who are getting started and you could aways adjust it to whatever ratio works best for you. Focusing on the time spent will help build your cardiovascular health -- then, when you have a solid foundation, you could focus on mileage.

Good luck with the week's goals!

Erin said...

I say listen to Jess because I always focus on mileage and get dishearted. I also usually can't walk for a few days after my initial burst of ambition.

MN Mom said...

I give you kudos for just having such a goal filled 2nd week! Get set, ready Run Swim.