Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A.M. Run

Decided to be a good girl and went to bed early last night so I could get myself up bright and early this morning - it actually worked this time, too. I managed to get in 1.5 miles of running this morning before I had to get back home and start my morning routine. I feel so awake and invigorated right now. I can conquer the day! Woo Hoo! (I hope this high lasts until 10am at the latest).

I like the morning exercise cuz it paves the way for the rest of my day. I feel like I have accomplished something on my daily to-do list and can put more focus into the rest of my tasks and not dwell on how to force myself to do an evening workout. The AM workout also helps my diet...I seem to eat better on days I work out in the morning. Maybe the guilt of ruining a perfectly good calorie burn with empty calories throughout the day keeps me out of trouble. Whatever the reason, I am diggin' the early run. Did I mention it's dark and no one is around, either...added bonus.

As to to run, one thing I am noticing is my stamina is pretty good. I'm not too tired after a mile or so like I was a couple weeks ago but what stops me from building on my distance is these damn shin splints. I stretch before and after yet still feel like razor blades are shooting through my shins after about a mile. Will have to do some research on this one.

Have a good day everyone!


Jess said...

Shoes. You need new shoes. If you're gonna stick with running, the best investment you can make is in a good pair of shoes (but be forwarned that they will cost you some $$$). I go to Runner's Depot in Davie (on University right past 595) but if you go to any running store, tell them you're new to running but you plan on sticking with it and want to gradually increase your mileage.

A good store will watch you walk and will assess your gait and your arch to fit you with the best shoes for your feet. They may even have you test shoes on the treadmill to insure that they are the right fit. After you have a good shoe, so much of your comfort and pain should improve.

However, if the shin is already "splint" -- that means you truly have muscle separating from the bone. Then, the only cure is rest and ice -- new shoes won't help that. Don't continue to run if your shin is tender to the touch (may even need to consider seeing the doctor). But...shin pain can also manifest because of knee issues (often, in running, the spot of pain is not the origin of the issue). I am no expert, but several years of running have given me some level of expertise. If you want to email me, or call me, I might be able to help you more.

I don't want to fill your comment section here with my own jibber jabber.

Cara said...

I just happened upon your blog. It seems pretty entertaining :-)

I am going with Jess, new shoes might help you out :-)

That is awesome that you are building stamina!!

MN Mom said...

I agree with Jess...it could be shin splints and they are nothing to mess with!

Erin said...

Did the pain start before or after your 5K? I know my shins hurt when I walk too much too fast or run. I hope it is only stiffness and not real shin splints. They are nasty and take a while to heal. Rest up and get a new pair of fancy running shoes :) Even if you don't feel better, you will look cool.