Monday, February 18, 2008

Disney Recap

Well, it was a great weekend with the parents. They arrived late Thursday night and we set off for Disney at 5am in Friday. Nice and easy 3 hour drive up there from our house, not much scenery but we kept eachother entertained catching up on family news and stories. We checked into our hotel, Old Key West Resort, which is one of the Disney resorts (thank goodness for the discount from Brian's family cuz those places are pricy!) and then managed to get through Magic Kingdom and Epcot on Friday, hitting the hot spots of each. My parents love the roller coasters so we made it on all of them, among some other rides. My mom can scream pretty loud, too!

Saturday was reserved for visiting Animal Kingdom in the morning. I enjoyed the 3D "A Bugs Life-It's Tough Being a Bug," it was pretty damn good. They have animated bugs spraying you in the face, crawling under your seat and even a bee stinging you in the back. We also went on the Everest Expedition...pretty good roller coaster. After a quick walk around, it was off to MGM (now Hollywood Studios) where we made it to many attractions including the Rock n Roller Coaster (awesome) and Tower of Terror (loved it!). Nothing like randomly dropping 13 stories in the pitch black with windows opening up and ghosts popping up here and there to make you scream!

Of course these rides take embarrassing pics of you so I have a great one of the rockin roller coaster- yep, I look confused or ready to cry, not sure which.

After MGM closed, we took the tour bus back to the hotel for a quick refresher, then went to Downtown Disney and spent a few hours browsing the shops and had dinner and drinks at a great Irish pub with a live band. I haven't been that tired or sore in a long time. My legs and back hurt sooo bad!

Sunday was all about sleeping in and having brunch before driving back home. We watched a couple movies (Saw IV-for dad, and The Prestige), went out for dinner, then came home and watched Cars (since we saw Mater and McQueen at MGM) and went to bed.

Took my parents to the airport early this morning and have been enjoying my last day off today. Brian and I even got in 3 games of bowling. My scores were okay...except that last one...

Game 1 115
Game 2 128
Game 3 ummmm 87

Now to prepare for the reality of the work week. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, too bad. I don't think you and your mom are related AT ALL. I think you were adopted.... :) miss you buttercup

Anonymous said...

p.s. that was meagan