Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Food Thoughts

Now, I can handle the exercise. I am able to make a game plan of my exercise routines for the week and, most of the time, I can accomplish each one. I even establish goals for them...run a certain distance, swim a number of laps, etc. So, although I want to up my exercise a bit, I feel pretty confident here.


I need some major work on my eating habits. I really have no plan of attack in this area and not sure how to begin. The only eating plan I have tried is Atkins, which made me severely dehydrated and raised my cholesterol (gee, bacon and eggs every day sure sounded like a good idea...duh!). I want to do something that I can stick with for the long haul; not just a plan where I stay on it long enough to lose weight and then go back to my crappy way of eating like I've done in the past. Maybe I should just relax and start incorporating more fruits and veggies and work on cutting out sugar and processed foods. Hmmm...

I used to be able to lose weight with little effort but between turning 30 (holy crap!) and being so very blessed with hypothyroidism these past 3 years, it seems like any type of weight loss is an uphill battle. I know a lot of this is my own acts of sabotage...having a good weigh-in day then eating junk the rest of the day or not exercising for days at a time....but I'm really pushing for some results this year. Looking forward to summer days on the beach and want to look good when I'm there. So, if you have any good ideas, motivational chants, eating plans, voodoo dolls, I'm up for it!


P.O.M. said...

Start off slow - you have the right idea with fruits, veggies, un-processsed crap. Cutting out sugar alone will help drop any unwanted lbs. With those small changes you will definately see some results!

Good luck.

Jess said...

I have no real advice b/c my eating habits are not great.

Sarah said...

I hear you, I'm in such a slump right now!

I agree with P.O.M., you need to start slow. I think it's important to really identify a motivator too. For example, you looking super hot on the beach in the summer! Whatever it is, you need to remind yourself about how great it will be to reach that goal. Remind yourself EVERY TIME you reach for that unhealthy snack, or think about skipping the gym.

And for the gym? Finding a workout partner is the best way, you can't ditch them all the time! But lacking that, plan to do it when you have the energy. If you're exhausted everyday at 5 and that's when you expect to go to the gym, you won't do it.

Essentially, you need to make it as easy as possible for you to stay on track. So I would say #1 thing is to clear our your house of junk food. That helps alot. If all you have is carrots, then all you have is carrots.

Erin said...

Smaller portions, eat more often, and cut out some of the bad stuff. Do one change at a time or you won't stick with it. Portion control and balance are the most important items-that's what all the successful diet plans teach you.

The funniest thing is ideally, get pregnant! You have to stop drinking, you have to eat more fruits and veggies, and junk food doesn't even sound good most of the time.

Good luck!