Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hellish Work Week

This week sucked big time on the work front. Don't even know why except that I woke up annoyed with my job every morning and came home irritated every night. Just one of those weeks where the damn phones, excess paperwork and whiny people finally make you want to scream and throw a small tantrum. At least tomorrow is Friday and the hockey game between the FL Panthers and MN Wild-go Minnesota! Gonna drink some beer and watch grown men fight on skates..good times.

On the exercise front, I have been running in the a.m. this week (except today) and find myself a little tuckered out because of it..probably due to not going to bed early enough. My goal this morning was to hit the gym for some weights and treadmill but that 4:45 alarm kicked my ass-guess I'll have to get my butt in gear tonight.

I have noticed the morning running is working too well. I seem to move at a much slower pace and just can't get into a good groove-maybe cuz I'm still half asleep? Hmm...think I'll sneak a run in tonight and see how I do timewise.

But, before that run, I'm going to get a couple chapters read in my new book, John Grisham's The Appeal. Hope it's a good one.


P.O.M. said...

I'm with you on the week from hell. I feel like I cna't even handle it.

But running in the morning definately puts my head in the right place. I have a harder time in the evening - I feel everything I ate that day and I feel sluggish. Plus, if I get it out of the way in the morning then I can truly veg out at night :)

Jess said...

I'm always slower in the morning too. I feel good that I got it done, but I rarely have great runs at that time of day. Which sucks because just about every race is first thing in the morning.

Cara said...

Good luck on the run today, and I hope next week is better than this one! I hate hellish weeks at work. Boo.

ThickChick said...

If I run in the evening...well... then I usually don't do it! ;)

I love to run in the morning, but I also have a flexible schedule that allows me a 'coffee hour' to wake up, stretch, watch tv or read, before I head out the door.

But... I really feel useless in the evening, seriously, by 8pm!

Erin said...

Let me know how you like the book. I bought it but have to finish one I am already reading first. I sure hope it's good. It's been a long time since he wrote one that I really liked.

MN Mom said...

Maybe you could scream and throw the tantrom while running? Kill two birds with one stone. Who knows you might come up will a whole knew stress reliever!
For myself when I have one of those weeks...I drink!

sunshine said...

maybe it's something in the air because I've been a major grump lately, too.

Cheers to you for running in the morning -- I'm usually not too successful getting out of bed, let alone get in a speedy workout!