Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ode to Jeans

I've been trying pretty hard to bust my ass exercising and get some good news from the scale. I was doing pretty well and have managed to drop close to 30 pounds since October 2007; but (come on now, you all saw the 'but' coming) I have been at a freaking standstill since mid-January. That damn scale and I are at war! We do not like eachother and are not afraid to show it when in the same room--it gives me the same damn number each time and I curse the damn thing. Now, I figure with all this running and walking that I should be seeing some results here so I got out the trusty tape measure and did some number crunching. Good news there...all measurements have gotten smaller. So, with a smile and my face and my fingers crossed, I went into my closet and reached for the drawers of weight loss past....the jeans of my slimmer times.

I could open a store with the different sizes of jeans I have in there. I reached in and tried on 3 pairs that were 1-2 sizes smaller and, after praying to the jeans gods and chanting silently to myself.....voila! they were on, zipped and ready for action! Three pairs that I can get into again-me so excited. I did try on a pair that was about 3 sizes down. I was able to get them on but that zipper was not budging, so they are my next goal.

I'm hoping to be down at least another 15 pounds by June 1st-not unrealistic as long as I keep up my fitness and really make an effort with the eating plan.

Other goals:
-Drink more water and replace one caffeine drink with water
-Swim twice a week for 30 min straight
-Try a boot camp class

Good luck to everyone else who is working hard toward their goals.


Ryan said...

Measurements are a much better indicator than the scale for where you are at with all of your exercise. You need to remember that at this point you are starting to build muscle. Right now you are at a 'scale plateau' because you are building muscle at the same rate you are burning calories. The best thing to do is to hide the scale for a month, and don't use it until April.

Erin said...

That is great news Crystal! Congrats on fitting back into those jeans. I agree with Ryan, the plateau of weight loss and muscle growth is frustrating.

I need to kick myself into high gear and start lifting my tiny dumbells in prep for LBF. These noodles can barely lift a gallon of milk! Hearing how much you are doing is giving me no excuse but to get with it.

MN Mom said...

You are Inspiring. I only wish I could catch the I-ball and get working on fitting into my smaller jeans. Got any other tips...pass them my way.

Cara said...

That where I am right now, working my butt off but not losing weight, but definitely losing inches. Hopefully the reduction of inches continues :-) haha.

Lesley said...

Great news on the jeans....that's such a brilliant feeling. And great news on setting some goals. Always worthwhile.

Keep it up!

Lesley x

Jess said...

I agree with the others -- weight is not a great measurement with your success, especially when you've been exercising (we all know that muscle weighs more than fat!), so "congrats" on your jean success! That's so satisfying, isn't it?

Shannon said...

Skinny jeans - that is the most gratifying of all. :)

I am working in the opposite direction. I keep trying my skinny jeans on and hoping they still fit. I know they day will come when they won't. I'm wearing them now, though they are unbuttoned. :)

sunshine said...

Ah yes, the great jeans test. Sweet job and keep up the great work. Nothing like goal pants to keep you motivated! :)