Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Running Observations

Usually when I lace up the shoes, turn on the iPod and hit the road, all I'm concentrating on is the song playing and my breathing. Now that I've been having some troubles with the shin splints, I decided to try a different approach tonight and actually pay attention to how I run. Here's what I realized:

My posture sucks. No tip toeing around that one guys. I lean forward when I run, hunch my shoulders up nice and tight and fail to relax the whole time. I made it a half mile like this and started to feel the burn in the shins again so I straigtened myself up and "ran tall." Wow! Little to no pain at all and I felt a nice burn in the calves...woo hoo! I also started running with my arms more lower to my waist instead of at my chest to reduce the strain on the muscles. This one is gonna take more work since I had to keep reminding myself to stop hunching my shoulders. I'm hoping that will reduce some of the neck pain I've felt since the 5K.

Overall, it was a good run. I didn't pay attention to my time tonight so I will save that for the next one.


Jess said...

I always have to be conscious of relaxing my shoulders and standing up straight when running too. I think it's natural to want to hunch forward.

Cara said...

It took me a few months to change my posture, but now I can run without as much pain. I usually get pain in the hips. The boyfriend also had to change how he runs because of his knees. He complains of the extra work on the calves as well.

Good luck changing it up. I am sure it will make a huge difference.

Erin said...

That's good news. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to change your form and reap the benefits.

ThickChick said...

I tend to be a hunch-er too, and then I wonder why my shoulders are ALWAYS sore. DUH! Glad to hear you're straightening out your form, something I definitely need to pay more attention to!