Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Woo Hoo - Vacation!

Yeah!!! I'm done with work for the next five days! So excited I can hardly stand it! Now I just have to make it through my to do list before my parents arrive tomorrow evening. So excited since I haven't seem them since May 2007. Should be a great weekend. Will post some pics upon the return. Now, I have to run a bubble bath for little Wilson so he is nice and pretty for his slumber party this weekend. He really wants to look nice for Annie.

Here's a few pics of the little guy


Jess said...

I like the one of you two on the couch! Very cute.

Have fun with the fam damily and enjoy Disney!

ThickChick said...

Awww, too freakin' cute!!!
Have fun with your parents - should be great catching up!

Lesley said...

It's good to see someone else as nuts about thier dog as I am. Wilson is a little cracker!! Does he love your parents? My dog absolutely luuurves mine and the feeling is mutual. Sometimes I wonder if they come to visit me or Shelagh!

Have a great holiday with the parental units and maybe a short break will give you some respite from the shin splints. The only time I had them (years ago from high impact aerobics on a concrete floor) the only thing that worked was complete rest. I just swam for England instead!

Cara said...

Aww is your pup a puggle?

Have fun on your vacation!!

MN Mom said...

Annie gets a lot of sleep-overs doesn't she? Her parents are the best! I wonder if Annie would like Angel to sleep-over?

sunshine said...

OMG - how cute!!!!!

Hope you have a great visit with your family.