Thursday, March 13, 2008

Healthier Meals

It has been said that you will eat less and eat more healthy meals if you prepare them yourself. Great! Sign me up! One problem, I have no imagination when it comes to cooking. I think salt and pepper are the best spices ever invented and would not know how to begin using foreign spices like thyme, oregano or cilantro.

I really do want to start doing more healthy home cooking but I am sooo tired of all my food dishes. I feel like I rotate my meals every couple of weeks and many of them are not health conscious: chicken fettucinni, tator tot hotdish, beef stew, etc. Hmm, no wonder I'm living on Plateau Hell with the scale these days.

So, if anyone has some good meal ideas (breakfast, lunch or dinner) or knows where I can get some yummy recipes, give me a heads up. I do have a couple cookbooks so I may check out some recipes in them, too. My goal is to prepare one new dish per week. BJ gets to be my taste-tester...hopefully my awesome cooking skills (let's hope) will make him excited for 'new recipe night'. One can hope anyway.

As for the exercise front, I have been feeling a bit under-the-weather this week and have not had a good workout since Monday. Hoping to shake this icky cold by the end of the weekend and maybe I can sneak in some running or gym time before Sunday. Later gators.


Cara said...

I was the same way as you until recently. I have been reading,,, and they all give me great ideas for healthy cooking! They post pictures of every single meal they make and they are all pretty healthy. Mmmmm.

Where do you live? Live anywhere a Trader Joe's? If so, I have a ton of suggestions for you! haha.

Erin said...

Crystal, next time you are over, help yourself to my stash of cooking magazines! They are pretty good and usually pretty simple. Ryan's mom buys me a subscription every year (I think it's quick cooking or simply delicious...). I had to start a binder so I could photocopy the ones we tried and liked instead of having to thumb back through them all.