Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hump Day

And boy did it ever feel like a hump to get over! Started the day with computer problems. I am not a patient person, never pretend to be and gave up trying a long time ago, so when I would not log into the "virtual portal" that we have be in to work the files, I see that my freaking sign in no longer exists. K. After restarting the computer 2 or 3 times, (who decided this idea was a cure-all for computer probs?), I break down and call the help desk...and get someone from a country far, far away trying to understand what I am telling her so she can fix this. Twenty min. later and she gives up, gives me a ticket number and states someone will call be back. Someone competent I hope. Frustration sets in and one of my coworkers, who had the same problem, comes over. We mess with the log in screen, let some damn software install and restart and voila! she's working again! Needless to say, I got into the system at 10:30 this am, which was a half hour before the lovely help desk called me back. Technology rocks!

Oh, and I've decided that some of my coworkers just have no work ethic and don't care at all about their jobs because everytime you try to correct them, they shrug off the problem. Umm, we are in legal...all of it is a big deal dang-nabbit!

So, after another work day from hell it's home sweet home. Plans for the evening are to take the puglet for a walk, get in a workout (not sure what I want to do yet) and try to figure out how to work all the gadgets on the new cell phone. I already straigtened up the house and did some laundry so at least that is out of the way.

P.S. Loving the new SUV! So roomy and I can see over traffic now-bonus! Since it's new I'm more paranoid about the idiot drivers down here. Don't want them too close to my baby. Give me a month or so and I'll be back to my regular speed demon self. Alright kiddies, I'm off!


Erin said...

The cyber God's must have been angry. I had to call our Help Desk today too.

Oh, it might take getting the first scratch or ding before you loosen up on the driving. I recall being very cautious until "I RAN INTO THE TOOL BOOTH BIN!" Yes, I pulled up and someone ahead of me had hit the bin you toss the money in and wahla-side mirror stuck to metal bin. Not a smooth move but after that, hell have no fury!

Jess said...

That's why I'm kinda scared to get a new car. Right now, with the Green Hornet, I don't give a damn -- I'd ram someone right now and not car because my car looks so ghetto, so what does it matter? But a new car? Suddenly I might care about someone knocked off my sideview mirror. Twice.