Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Goals

Alright, so after being a lazy bum (exercise-wise) over the weekend, it's time for some action this week. Here's my goals for today after work:

1. Firm video (45 min)

2. Make dinner-found a new recipe for chicken in one of my magazines so I think I'll give it a whirl

3. Take Wilson for walk and then a bath

4. Run (1/2 mile walk, 1.5-2 mile run, 1/2 mile walk)

5. Program new cell phone, if it arrives today.

That should keep me busy and out of trouble for the evening. Hope everyone has a great Monday.


Lesley said...

Ooooh - that's a good idea - I'll think about my goals while I'm running. Then, when I get back, I can think about them some more as I soak my tired body in the bath....yes - I think those are my 2 goals for the day - run then bath!

Good luck with yours.

Lesley x

Cara said...

Sounds like a great plan for the day! :-)

Jess said...

Sounds like a lot; hope it went as planned!

Congrats on the new ride -- how ya likin it so far?