Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pamper Thyself

It's thirsty Thursday-yeah! Used to be a big thing back in the college days. Now it means I might have one or two cocktails since there is only one more day of work to plow through. Boy do I miss those college days where my only concern was making it to the 10am class (pajamas accepted) or getting to the pool in time for swim lessons on saturdays. Ahh, the good ole' days.

Since BJ is still hard at work at this late hour I felt tonight would be a good night for some pampering. So, it's gonna be a nice, long bubble bath, then a foot soak in peppermint oil followed by some new polish on the tootsies and I think I will throw in a girly movie, too.

It's one of those nights where I have no desire to be productive-no working on the to-do lists tonight. I'll save them for the weekend. Can't be superwoman every day, now can I? Haha.


Erin said...

Oh goodness...I envy you right now!
Do you have a nice big tub to soak in? I love baths but our tub is too small and uncomfortable.

I need to paint my toe nails but bending over is getting harder and harder. My girlfriends gave me a gift cert. for my birthday. I keep thinking I can make it a little longer before burning it up. I might need to break down and go in now instead of waiting.

Jess said...

So is a glass of wine (or 6) going to accompany the pampering?

Cara said...

Sounds like a great night :-)