Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Taking the Night Off

That's right..I'm boycotting all exercise and all activities related to exercise or any other type of strenuous movement for the evening..hell, typing right now is pushing the bar but I will let it slide.

I've been pretty good about getting a run in everyday for the last 3+ days but the shins are hurting big time and I think I need some R&R. Going to take the next couple days off from running since the thought of running gives me pain right now. I wish there was an all-weather track or a nice gravel road-something with a little more cushion than the damn concrete to give me some support. I think I'm gonna take Jess's advice and look into some new shoes..maybe that will help, too.

And to follow the group, here's seven random things about me:

1. I was pre-med in college and totally determined to be a doctor until I hit the genetics class. Teacher from Russia, Germany, whatever, combined with science from hell equals the end of a medical career for Crystal. I do regret this cuz I bet a little extra effort would have got me through the class. Oh well.

2. I am studying to take the LSAT in October. This is the law school admissions test. Yep, I am insane. This damn test has nothing to do w/legal intelligence but all about logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, reading comprehension, time management...I am sooo screwed.

3. Swimming is my passion. It's the one physical activity where I can free my mind, listen to the water and do laps for hours. Now, if I could just get myself to the gym and do some of these theraputic laps, hmmm...maybe tomorrow?

4. I would love to work for the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., preferably in the Jewels department. Have you seen the Hope Diamond up close? It's mesmerizing. Think I'll stand guard over that baby.

5. I love to play board games but can be a sore loser. Anyone up for a game...Battle of the Sexes anyone?

6. I want to go kayaking in Colorado, hang gliding and skydiving once more before lose my nerve.

7. I have a 'List of things to do before I die.' There are about 30 things on the list and I have accomplished maybe 5 in the last few years...I keep adding them quicker than taking them off.

Peace out everyone


Jess said...

Good luck with the LSAT. I knew a lot of people in college who took it (lots of people major in English as undergrads who want to be lawyers) and I think it's as hard as any oher standardized test. Which, for me, is hard.

If your shins are achin' you should definitely not be running on concrete. Try running on asphalt instead. Any asphalt paths near you? Are the roads near you quiet enough to run in the road?

It seems silly, but there is a HUGE difference between running on the two surfaces. But, a day or two off is a good idea no matter what. Rest is essential to muscle recovery.

And...I just wrote my own post here. Sorry for the lengthy comment but there was just so much to comment on!

Lesley said...

Your list of 7 random things chimed with me....apart from the doctor thing (I was not very good at sciences at school) and the diamond, the rest are very close to random things about me too!!

And I'm having a night off too!!

Not stalking you or anything (I promise) but it just made me smile.

Knowing when to back off exercise is, in my opinion, as importnat as being able to push yourself to do it. It's no use being dead keen if you injure yourself and then have to take months off.


Lesley x

MN Mom said...

Good luck sounds like a lofty undertaking-LSAT. But I see you have determination just what you will need.

I am scared just riding on planes...jumping out of them is not an option!

Erin said...

I tried to post earlier but blogger was being a booger.

Good luck on the LSAT. Are you studying on your own or taking a test prep course? I avoided any program that required an entrance exam because I hate those things.

I agree with Jess; rest, new shoes, and possibly a road less traveled :)

Shannon said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm pretty competitive, but not a sore loser so I think we can play board games together. :)