Saturday, March 22, 2008

Total Randomness

I gots no direction going today so will just ramble a bit.

-I seem to have two addictions that have developed over the last year: General Foods International Coffee, of which I would drink 4-5 cups a day and watching episodes of The Office. I watch an episode every morning before work, sometimes I just watch the bleeper reel if I've recently watched all the episodes and am too lazy to put in a different dvd. BJ has started to develop a strong dislike to Michael Scott's voice. What can I say, I wish my job ran as efficiently as theirs :)

-I love pickles. But they have to be kosher dills, split in halfs or pickle chip variety, chilled and not on any other foods. Will NOT eat pickles with or on other foods. That's gross.

-Love salt, especially sprinkled on tomatoes and grapefruit. Yummy.

-I enjoy making lists: to-do lists, goal sheets, creating a calendar of events, etc. My favorite part is not actually accomplishing the goals but being able to check them off my list. Something about crossing items off makes them feel more complete than just the act of doing them.

-I prefer to write letters, send cards or email than talk on the phone. Don't know why but I blame work. In high school the phone was permanently stuck to my ear. Of course that was before this great cell phone invention. Now that I have to easy access, it's not such a big deal like it used to be. Also, since I'm on the phone at work so much I really don't want to talk when I get home.

-Still go to the theater to watch new Disney movies, especially the good cartoon ones. Yep, still a kid at heart.

**Some Wilson tidbits:
-Wilson loves toys but only stuffed animals. He does not like the rubber squeaky toys at all, even when he was a puppy. He has about 20 more more stuffed animals that I try to keep in his room. Yep, his has his own corner in the living room which has become his room. Bed, blanket, toys and bones go there.

-He has to have a toy or bone in his mouth when he greets us. No idea what that is about. He loves to howl too. He has a deep, throaty howl like he's trying to clear his throat, so cute!

-Wilson opens his own Christmas presents, and everyone else's if they let him.

- He hates water. Get's a bath once a month or more if needed but depressed the whole time. Then, he is a wackjob when you take him out.

-He sits on my lap like a human. Doesn't lay down in your lap but sits up like a two year old kid. Maybe he thinks he is one.

-Lastly, his favorite human food is popcorn; he likes peanut butter too but that's more work.

Alright, I should be getting back to some of my chores so I can have a nice, relaxing evening. Sounds like it's going to storm tonight...sounds like movies weather to me.


Jess said...

Scooter thinks he likes popcorn and will beg for it every time, but then once he gets it, he spits it out.

I love The Office too. It's hilarious. Ever watch the British version? It's funny too.

P.O.M. said...

We have alot in common. Love pickles, love lists, love salt - hate the phone!

Shannon said...

I am particular about pickles as well. They have to be the baby dills (not sliced, spears etc). They have to be slightly spicy. Otherwise, yuck!