Monday, March 24, 2008

Week 4 Goals

I've gotten a bit off track with my goals this month...lots happening, got sick for almost a week and just been feeling a little off kilter so it's time to crack the whip again.

Monday: 3 mile run/walk
Abs: 200 crunches (mix-n-match)
Legs: toning exercises

Tuesday: Gym-45 min cardio
30 min swim (freestyle, breaststroke, leg and arm exercises)

Wednesday: 3 mile run/walk
Abs: 200 crunches (mix-n-match)
Legs: toning exercises

Thursday: 45-60 minute cardio
20-30 min weights

Friday: Off

Saturday/Sunday: Swim 30 min, run/walk

I'm not going to worry about my eating plan other than keeping an eye on what types of food I'm consuming. After Easter festivities, I should be full for awhile! I figure I will work on the food plan this week and incorporate it next week. Hope everyone had a happy Easter!


Erin said...

Holy list! When do you squeeze the time in? Do you do this all at the gym and if so, how close is it to home or work? I am sure if I gave up some couch time I could squeeze in something but I could never invest the time you mentioned. You amaze me! Way to go!

Crystal said...

I'm trying to be optimistic but it's not too bad of a schedule for me. The running/walking I do right in my neighborhood so that's literally a hop, skip and jump away. The pool, weights and cardio I do at the gym, which is only about 6 minutes from my house w/stoplights. I tend to pick gyms close to the house cuz otherwise I know I will never go :)

Jess said...

That's a lot of crunches!

Cara said...

I want to start swimming now because you talked about it! haha.

Sounds like a great plan!

MN Mom said...

I hope you have time in there to relax a little or you will burn out.