Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ahhh...a cold front just came through south florida! I am in my jeans, t-shirt and sweatshirt and enjoying a warm cup of coffee. It's almost down to 60 degrees and I think I'll have to get the socks on if it dips any lower. Did I mention there is a brisk breeze out there too? Brrrrr. Seriously people, when did the girl from northern MN become this much of a weather sissy?

On another note, I have finally got the yearly doctor and dental checkups done. Doctor went well..I guess everything looks pretty good (accident injuries not included), so I got that going for me, which is good. Dentist visit was great. I went to a new place today, where the crew goes and I really like them. They are very thorough and informative and said my teeth looked great! Except for one cavity, which will be fixed on Monday. Since I haven't had a proper checkup for over a year, I'll take it!

Tonight, I have a massage scheduled to hopefully loosen up these tight muscles around the shoulder area. It's my first massage so I'm hoping for good results. Considering how stressed out and tense I am, I feel sorry for the maseuse. After that, I have Deadliest Catch, Real Housewives and Workout to watch. Reality tv addiction anyone?


Jess said...

We're watching Deadliest Catch right now!

Lesley said...

Hi there Crystal. I'm back online again and just catching up with everyone. I missed your car accident!! So sorry to hear about it. What a pain. I know that the person who is rear ended tends to be worse off than the person doing the hitting which just doesn't seem fair.

Well, I hope that your injuries heal well and quickly and that you can get on with all your pledges very soon.

I really want to do some biking myself and I've always had a yen to try kayaking although have not done so. I'm going to try it this summer....that's a promise.

Have fun in sunny Florida - we're enjoying April snow showers here in the UK!

Lesley x