Friday, April 4, 2008

And How Was Your Day?

Finally! The adjuster came out today around 2pm and checked out my broken vehicle. Sounds like it's going to be approx. $8500 worth of damage to fix, more if the dealership finds any extras and should take 24 days to fix. They will come and pick the truck up on Monday so, barring any more catastrophes, I should have it back beginning of May. That first truck payment seems so unfair since I only drove the car for two weeks! At least we are getting somewhere now, though.

The earlier part of my day was spent getting medical and dental records from my prior doctor/dentist since I will no longer be doing business with either again. After the medical fiasco on Monday, I couldn't wait to find a new doctor, which I will be seeing on Wednesday. Good thing, too, since I read through my records and saw my test results for my thyroid that were taken in Jan. Results I never saw since they have a "no news is good news" policy. That's great when the news is good news but was not good in this case. Seems my thyroid is not responding to the drugs and my readings are off the charts for my TSH and two different antibodies-I'm talking way off the charts here. I am in a worried/pissed off state now since this info should have been revealed to me months ago. I have a feeling I will have to see the endocrinologist for another ultrasound of my thyroid real soon. To be positive, I guess the silver lining is if the doctor hadn't been so incompetent as to lose my business, causing me to seek a new doctor and get my records, I would not have found out this info. So I am looking at it that way and hoping they can fix this puppy. No wonder the scale hasn't budged-I didn't have a chance!

Like they say (whoever "they" are) when it rains it pours. I got all the crappiness this week so hopefully next week will be smooth sailing. Now I'm planning for a relaxing night, maybe a movie-Leatherheads looked pretty funny.

And how was your day?


Ryan said...

Well, you are doing a pretty good job in finding the positives in your situation(dr. shitty, better to find out now than later, etc.).

Welcome to Florida.

Now go pop 2 vicodins with 4 beers...and have Sly Bri vacuum that magic carpet you will be riding on in about 20 minutes.

Shannon said...

Good luck with the new doctor. If he doesn't work out, you should see my GP. He has done an awesome job regulating my throid for the past 8 years - much better than the endo doctors I've seen.

Ryan said...

Does your insurance or that asshold who hit you pay for a rental car while yours is being fixed?

I agree with Ryan, way to find the silver lining in all the crap.

Erin said...

Um, the last post was from Erin...Ryan's profile is still logged in.

Jess said...

Sounds like that other doctor is ready for a lawsuit: witholding patient information, refusing to treat you after the, yeah, Crystal, you're in law, sue his ass!