Monday, April 28, 2008

Another Memorable Monday

What better way to start off the week than to have a root canal. Don't be jealous now, I'm sure if you refuse to listen to the dentist when he says to get a cavity fixed LAST YEAR, then you, too, can share in my enjoyment. So, that was my morning. I managed to make it to work by 1pm and put in a good half day's work, although I did get some laughs from my coworkers when I tried to smile and resembled The Joker. At least I can bring some joy to others, huh!

Sooo, since it hurts too much to chew, I had some yummy soup for din din and Brian has just run out to get me a slice of cake. Yes, I know, bad food choice but oh so tasty! At least it's just one slice so I can only devour so many calories (too many, I'm sure) and that will hopefully take care of the sweet tooth. Hmm, maybe that's how I got into this predicament in the first place.


Jess said...

We must've nearly crossed paths at the dentist today! I was in there around 12:15 getting my tooth bonded.

Heather said...

ouch! you take it easy!

Ryan said...

LOL! I have a picture of you smiling crooked with drool rolling down your chin in my head now. Glad it's over and yes, always listen to the dentist. The ones we go to are actually pretty good.

Erin said...

Ah, darn it. Last post from Ryan was from Erin. I am under his profile again.

JavaChick said...

Wow. You went to work after a root canal. I'd be sleeping off the tranquilizer.

Lesley said...

I've been lucky enough to have a couple of those.....I feel for you there.

Hope you feel better soon.

(((((((big hug)))))))

Lesley x