Thursday, April 3, 2008

Car Accident Drama

This is sooo not the way I wanted to start the week, but what can you do. Life happens. So, the accident occurred Monday morning at 7:45am. I was stopped on the bridge on SW 10th St behind a panel truck(just like a moving truck) when I get slammed from behind by an SOB driving an SUV. I get thrown to the front of the dashboard, whipped back into the seat (whereby my favorite hairclip breaks-sigh) and then since Mr. Wonderful hit me so damn hard he pushes my brand new baby into the panel truck as well. Asshole. After I chant some obsenities to myself in the car, I get out and ask if everyone is okay and dumbass calls 911 (he actually asks me if it's 911 or you know what I'm dealing with here). Cops are on the way and we assess the damage. Panel truck seems fine, his SUV is totalled, front end pushed way in, and my baby is quite the sight. Back end is smashed in, bent the floor of the trunk in, twisted some bar underneath, stress marks in the plastic, all reflectors broke (no lights amazingly) and the front is messed up pretty good, too. No airbag deployment, probably due to it being a rear-end hit.

Cop arrives, takes statements. The SOB states the sun was in his eyes and he didn't see me. Cop gets his cell# to check his records and see if he was on phone/texting and gave him a ticket. Tow truck guy arrives and recommends I have it towed since air bag could go off if I try to drive it. I talk to BJ who says to give it a whirl so, when I'm cleared to leave, I drive it the .25 miles to work (so close!) and BJ arrives to assess damage of me and truck. At this time, I'm still living on adreneline. Called insurance company and reported accident and told boss I wouldn't be in today-she already knew as half the staff drove by and saw the accident. BJ then followed me home and, once we stopped here, the radiator started leaking-not drivable any more!

The afternoon was spent talking to the claims department and went to doctor appt. We waited 1 hour and when I finally see the doctor he tells me they don't handle car accidents cuz their insurance doesn't cover it-WTF! Then he states if I pay him $80 he will treat me. I decline cuz this does not sound ethical at all. Basically, he just didn't want to have to go thru the insurance companies. Last time I go there.

Instead we came home, I rested and let the pains set in and we went to the ER about 7pm. By 11pm, after seeing the doc and getting x-rays (negative) we headed home. Tuesday and Wednesday have been filled with pain. Thank goodness for vicodin or I wouldn't have made it. My left side got the brunt of the hit and my left arm, hand, shoulder, etc has been mostly immobile since monday eve. Today, although still very painful, I at least have some range of motion back. The neck is still pretty tender but will hopefully heal nicely-if not good by next week I go back in for a CT scan.

As for the truck, she is still in the driveway waiting on the adjuster to take a look, which should be sometime this afternoon. I just want to get this all taken care of and behind me asap.

That's been my week in a nutshell. With the time off for recovery, I did manage to finish my book, The Monsters of Templeton. Pretty good book, keeps you entertained. Now I've started The Virgin Lover, which is about Queen Elizabeth I. Got to skedaddle-all this typing bugs the arm so it's time for some rest. Toodles.


Meagan said...

My little cupcake! Let me know if you need anything, pizza, beer (scratch that it doesn't go well with vicodin), movie, etc... We're so glad that your alright. That bastard, I hate him. Seriously though, if you need anything CALL!!!

Crystal said...

Thanks buttercup! Lately I've been all about the sleeping, damn drugs! It could have been worse; if it had been my little focus I would have really been smuckered.

Jess said...

Like you said, it's actually probaby a good thing you weren't driving yur old car -- if he hit you that hard, it's a good thing you had that new car around you!

But all around, it is still the crappiest thing evah! Glad you're okay. And ya know, if you wanna pass along a little of that vicodin, I'm cool with that ;)

Erin said...

Glad to hear you are alive and kicking. Well...wanting to kick some ass. What a bum deal with the new car and the doctor. I would have told that fruit that's totally illegal (it is, right)?

Rest up. As for the beer and vicodin...give it a try. Be more adventurous than Meagan. It's not like you are going to drive anywhere! LOL! That was supposed to be funny. If it wasn't, take another vicoden and reread it tomorrow.

MN Mom said...

Glad to hear that you are healing up. But I'm sure the trama will be hanging around every time you drive anywhere. I hope the A hole's insurance pays your company back that way you will get your deductible back too.
Hang in there!

P.O.M. said...

What a total flippin' nightmare! Thank goodness you're ok. So scary!

sunshine said...

Oh No! Glad you're okay, though.

Erin said...

Poor you! That is crazy, what a jerk! As if the doctor did that, as if they CAN do that....I hope you feel way better soon!