Friday, April 25, 2008

Hooray for Friday

Yeah, it's Friday and I am sooo ready! Well, I tried really hard to stick with my goals posted on Wednesday and managed to succeed with most of them. The caffeine ended my perfect streak, though. See, it was "take your children to work" day yesterday and we had quite the daycare going on. Nothing like a big group of kids ranging from 5-17 with nothing to do for most of the day to make you need that extra caffeine boost! Most of them were well-behaved but by the end of the day, they were getting antsy...hurdling recycling cans and playing Murder (wtf?) in the conference room. I think this concept would go much better if management would have some tasks for them to do but we haven't evolved to that level yet. Needless to say, I had 3 heaping cups of joe yesterday instead of the solo like I wanted. Today is another day.

I did manage to get out for a nice 3.5 mile walk last night. It's so great that the days are longer so I can come home, eat, let the food settle and still get an hour walk in before the sun sets. The evenings are still pretty decent (not too much heat/humidity yet) so they are quite enjoyable...for now. Took Wilson for a quick walk too; for a little dog, he sure is strong! He's pulling me from one end of the sidewalk to the other to make sure he sniffs everything. Gotta love him.

I'm just hoping for a quiet, mostly stress-free work day to be followed by a relaxing evening. The arm pain is feeling much better and usually only acts up if I exert myself too much. The neck pain is still troublesome and I think the ortho is going to have to take a look.

Time to skedaddle. Have a happy friday everyone.


Jess said...

Enjoy your Friday!

JavaChick said...

Sounds like quite the day! I think you probably needed the extra caffeine. No worries, it's a brand new day and you can start over!

Have a great Friday!

Cara said...

have a fantastic weekend!!

Heather said...

I hear glad it is friday. great job getting that walk in. have a great weekend!