Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's Just Not My Week

Okay, so you know about the accident, then waiting 5 days before the adjuster came to look at the truck, then there was the incompetent medical doctor and the out-of-control thyroid problem...well, I figured this would be the end of the bad luck reign. Hahahahaha, not quite-nothing real serious, just stuff to add to the fire. BJ and I both have bicycles, which we haven't ridden since we moved here nearly 2 years ago, so, I decide we should air up the tires on them so they are ready to ride when my arm is in good shape again. BJ's bike is in good condition but, somehow, my back tire has four or five spokes broken. How the hell? Upon closer inspection, BJ notices it's not just the spokes but the rim is bent, too. Something must have hit the bike or it was damaged in the move, so now we have to fix the tire before I head out for a ride. Gee, good thing I didn't want to go this weekend...and then yesterday, I was sitting by the pool and decided to use the skimmer to clean some debris and it freaking broke. That's it! I'm not touching anything valuable until this unlucky streak is over!

Beyond that drama, it's been a quiet weekend. We rented some movies last night and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks, which was a very cute movie. I managed to straighten up the house, get the laundry done and prepare dinner for tonight (slow-cooked pot roast w/the fixins) and I'm going to get in some more reading today. Toodles!


Jess said...

Well, that's just shit piled on top of shit. Stay inside. Perferably wrapped in bubble wrap.

Cara said...

At least you know you will have super good luck pretty soon and it will totally over compensate for this crap, or at least go back to a good balance of good/bad luck.

Erin said...

Man, that sucks! On a slightly happier note, once you get your bike fixed and I birth this child, we should go biking! Ryan likes to mtn. bike but I am too scared after my bicycle accident as a kid. I prefer streets and basic trails-no crazy dirt or hills.