Thursday, April 3, 2008

Now I'm Getting Cranky

Remember me saying the claims adjuster was coming today to look at the truck? Yeah, he never showed. BJ took half a day off from work to be here and, when we had not heard anything by 3pm, he called and the guy tells us, "Sorry, the computer crashed this morning and the guy couldn't make any of his appointments." So, you knew about this and didn't call. ASS!

Now he tells us he will try to have the guy come out tomorrow at 8am and will call before close of business today to confirm. It's 8pm. They closed at 4:30pm. Crystal is not a happy camper.


Erin said...

Which insurance agency are you with? I would call you agent and raise hell. You haven't lived in Florida long enough to become nasty like I have. I no longer put up with this crap. They treat customers with no respect so I treat them with no respect. I pay your salary mentality is what I use. It works sometimes, other times it just feels good to bitch at someone.

Jess said...

Is it the adjuster from your insurance, or the guy who hit you's insurance?

Crystal said...

Jess: we are dealing with the SOB's insurance. Brian called them 3 times this morning and we finally got the guy who says he is going to be here around 2:30 this afternoon. What happened to 8am? or 2pm yesterday! So frustrated!