Thursday, April 17, 2008

Take the good with the bad

Don't days seemed to be filled with both good and bad moments? Seems like we have to have things go both ways to get through the day on an even keel. Today, my bad news is that my lovely SunPass has died. Suddenly. And it probably died 2 days ago and I didn't realize it. After I put $30 on the damn thing, although the transponder has yet to show it (maybe due to it's death). It's only about a year old and should last much longer than this but Brian got mine on sale so I'm wondering if they refurbish these things or something--we even changed the battery and still, nothing. So, I'm crossing my fingers that I don't get a nice violation notice/ticket in the mail for racing through the tolls like a madwoman.

As for my good news, I received a call from the car dealership and they have finally got all the parts for the truck and have started the repairs. Yay! I'm hoping I get it back sometime early next month. It's so depressing to be making this first car payment with no car to show for it!

Anyone else have a stressful day at work? I swear there was something in the air today because my phone did not stop ringing with angry or crying people today. It was one of those days where one questions their chosen profession. Although, I think all jobs hit that point every once in awhile. Needless to say, I was glad when the clock said 5pm and I could mosey on outta there!

Now it's time for a bit of reading and then a new episode of The Office. Have a nice night everyone!


Jess said...

That sucks that your SunPass died. Can you apply the balance to a new pass?

Crystal said...

Hopefully. They were already closed when Brian called SunPass tonight. He tried to get a new one at Publix tonight but the clerk said he had to cancel this one first so I'm hoping they can apply the money to a new one.

Erin said...

Good luck on the sunpass. I don't have any advice or wisdom on that one. We lived here for years before we finally got our own. We kept inheritting them from our friends that moved. One day (when the sale was on) we bucked up and bought our own since the old ones were less predictable. I am sure they can transfer your balance. I don't see how or why they couldn't.

Shannon said...

Friday was my hectic day. I had K orientation in the morning and then was literally running all day. I didn't have time for lunch or to pee!