Friday, May 30, 2008

Car Woes

Got the truck back last Friday after it was with the dealership for 49 days.

I noticed some problems with it on Saturday after checking it over more carefully. It was pouring when I picked it up and it was Memorial Weekend so the lovely collision experts were nowhere to be found.

Brian checks it over and takes it back to the dealership to fix the bumper and some paint drips he noticed. They do a shitty job fixing said bumper and need the vehicle to come back in to do additional work.

Bad decision on their part. Brian is a "car guy" and looked that truck over top to bottom tonight and now has a list of grievances to chew them out about on Monday. Glad I am not them.

Guess I will be cruising in a rental again real soon but maybe, if I'm lucky, they can keep the truck for another ridiculous amount of days and actually fix the damn thing properly.

And how was your day?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


the Swim Around Key West is June 20th. It's 12.5 miles from start to finish and, as much as I want to participate, I am just not prepared. I swim in a nicely contained pool with no currents, waves, boats, jet skis, etc. so I think I need some serious work before trying out this baby. I really wish I had known about this earlier this year or the swim wasn't until August but, unfortunately, less than one month is not enough time to train. I am disappointed but now I can prepare for next year.

On another note, I am addicted to popcorn this week. I have had three bags of microwave popcorn w/cheese topping and every night I want another bag. Oh, and I'm eating the entire bag in one sitting..nope, these are not the single-serving bags either. I must be stopped! Well, if all else fails, I should run out sometime next week.

I think I'm being a self-sabotager this week. I am down 5 pounds as of Monday. So excited! So what have I done with this high? See paragraph above. And no exercise this week other than taking Wilson for a 30 minute walk 3 days this week. I need a serious ass-kicking.

Alright kiddies, I am off to bed because I am DETERMINED to get my butt out of bed and swim tomorrow. 5 a.m. here I come!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So, I've been tagged to share a bit. I usually never have a problem rambling on about myself but when put on the spot, it's amazing how hard it can be.

Here's the rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post and list their names, linking to them.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

Let's see here...

1. I grew up on a large farm in northern Minnesota. Contrary to what you may see on tv, it was quite a normal existence. We have lots of cattle, horses, a pig every couple years and we used to have chickens when I was young. I learned to combine and drive tractor when I was about 8 years old (yep, we start them young!) and pretty much worked my butt off throughout my younger years. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. I think I learned my morals and challenged myself even more by growing up that way. You definitely learn to work for what you want.

2. I used to have a pet rabbit named Cocoa. My mom and I were garage sale shopping in Bemidji, MN one summer while I was in college and one of the homes had rabbits for free. Free! Yep, I picked the cutest one and we took him home and ran to the store for supplies. $100 later, not such a cheap bunny. He lived with me until my roommate and I got a dog and then the rabbit was sent to live with my parents.

3. This one is kinda gross. Know how some kids like to eat butter right from the butter dish? Well, when I was a kid of about 6 or 7, I used to eat Crisco shortening right out of the jar. Don't even ask. I still, to this day, wonder what I was thinking.

4. I'm trying to up my swimming regimen so I can swim around Key West. They actually have an event where you swim around Key West from one end to the other. I need lots of practice yet but I think I can do it.

5. I love the military and my goal after graduating high school was to join the Navy and become a fighter pilot. My uncle sent me all these books and pamphlets (he's a retired Air Force pilot) and I studied all of them. But, when the time came to take the plunge, I headed for college instead. I still think about where I would be if I had gone down the other road.

Alright, so I'm going to tag Kelly O. , Cara, JavaChick, Heather, and Cammy

Monday, May 26, 2008

It's Over Already?

These long weekends seem to go by just as fast as the regular ones. I managed to straighten up the house and do my regular cleaning but no deep cleaning took place. Why? Cuz I was in the pool most of the weekend! Love it...I almost completed two John Grisham books while floating around and Wilson got some great outdoors time to sniff, lay in the sun and bark at anything that floated by him. He was in doggy heaven.

Now it's time to get back to reality. I think I will head out for a run tonight and hit the pool tomorrow morning before starting the work week. I wish every week had a three day weekend, I think I would accomplish so much more this way-both at work and at home. Or I'd get more sleep, works either way.

ta-ta everyone

Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's Baby Time!

A shout out to one of my favorite girls, Steph, on the healthy delivery of her baby girl, Bailey Marie on 5-23-08. I'm so excited for her and can't wait to come visit the little tyke.

Baby fever is definitely in the air this year. I have 3 more good friends who will be having babies this year, another one should be coming any day now...yeah! I am going to have so much fun visiting everyone and bringing goodies. This can give me some practice in case I ever decide to take the baby plunge (calm down BJ, not in the near future).

It's been a pretty good weekend so far. Friday night was spent hanging out with friends and watching a group of them play Rock Band while I drank some refreshing malted beverage. Good times. Saturday, the gang got together for the Memorial Day BBQ bash. We had a great time: lots of good food whereby I ate enough for three people (snicker salad rocks) and we hung out by the pool and enjoyed ourselves until the torrential rainstorms sent us indoors. Never a dull moment!

Today was my relaxing day in the pool. I think I logged in about 6 hours in that bad boy and hoping I can do the same tomorrow. As you can tell, I said screw it to the cleaning list I had; I couldn't help it, I could hear the pool calling my name. I'm hoping for some more pool time tomorrow, too. Brian is doing well and enjoying seeing family and friends he hasn't seen in the two years we have been in Florida.

That pretty much sums up my weekend so far. I think it's time to crack open another book with my cup of cappuccino and relax. Hope everyone is having a spectacular weekend.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's Raining!

So, I was supposed to have my running date tonight but it's a-pouring outside so we had to cancel. I'm not too unhappy about it cuz it's a good excuse for me to skip (just kidding!) but Florida needs some serious rain right now. We have been in the burning fires of hell for weeks now so this is a nice relief. Hopefully it will quench my lawn's thirst and give me some green grass again since the lawn is looking pretty dry lately.

Does anyone else get new goals just from watching movies or am I the only fruit loop who does this? Last night, I watched Wild Hogs and wanted to go out, buy a Harley and start riding cross-country. Today, I put in Blue Crush and now I want to buy and surf board and start taking surf lessons: not a whole lot of wave action over here unless we get a storm or some major winds but I could just float out there and pretend, I suppose. I guess I better not watch any western movies or Brian is going to come home to a horse in the backyard.

Well, if the rain continues, I think I will just chill tonight with a good book and take a night off the exercise, but if it stops early enough, I may go out for a jog. I foresee a book being the most likely option.

Later gators

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Roller Coaster of Life

Yep, there is never a dull moment in life, no plateau of normalcy to hang around on and just relax. There's always seems to be another hurdle to jump or hill to climb on the proverbial roller coaster. This week is more of the same. Brian (BF) received some sad news early yesterday that his uncle/godfather had passed away so we got him packed and I sent him off to Chicago about a half hour ago to spend a week with his family. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of them at this time and I wish I had been able to get away from work long enough to attend as well.

Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to start my lovely to-do list but now that I'm on bachelorette for the next week, I do think the house will be tackled and cleaned until it sparkles. Or, I may just hang out in the pool all weekend. Maybe I can strike a comfortable balance between the two. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful suggestions, I will be experimenting with them when tackling my many projects. Now, we all know what is going to happen when I miraculously finish that list, right? Yep, a new one will appear! I can't wait!

On the exercise front, I managed to get in a 3 mile run/walk on Monday night and Tuesday morning, I hit the pool at 5am and got some laps in. I might get in an exercise DVD tonight or just take it easy, not sure yet. Tomorrow morning is going to be another round of swimming and then Adriana and I have our running date after work. I hope it's not 95 degrees again tomorrow or I am in deep trouble!

Time to skedaddle for some din-din. Have a great night.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Feeling Overwhelmed

There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done; and to top it off, I'm a great procrastinator so this makes getting things done even more nerve wracking. These past few weeks have been pretty good on the exercise front, but while making time for exercise, I have pushed away some time for other projects I had lined up.

I really want to do that spring cleaning on the house, ya know, before summer hits. The house is usually pretty clean but could use that quarterly deep clean including cupboards, windows, cleaning furniture, dusting and organizing the dreaded closets. These have been on my to-do list for quite some time and I just keep putting them off every weekend. The plan was to take a Sat or Sun, get up early and keep going until I was done. Now May is half over and I haven't even started!

I also had some small projects I wanted to undertake:

- organizing all my photos into photo albums, right now they are a jumbled mess.
- complete the scrapbook of my sister's wedding. that's been on the list for over a year.
- fix my watches. one just needs a new battery and another needs the band fixed since a screw came out but i never get around to taking them in.
- um, study for that freaking LSAT. the books are starting to collect dust.
- join a running group so i can get out of my 2-3 mile rut.
- kickboxing classes
- fix the tire on my bicycle
....and the list goes on and on.

Part of the problem is that I'm a thinker more than a doer. I can plan and make lists but getting me to do those things can be a challenge. Maybe I need to tackle one project a week until I whittle that baby down. What do you think? Any good ideas on how to find some more time in the day, besides giving up sleep, that is.

Hope everyone had a good Monday. Mine was pretty good for a change. Maybe it's because I didn't try to make it good, I just accepted the cards I was dealt today. Now if I can just get the rest of the week to work out that way. At least there's that long weekend to look forward to...

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Remember all those goals I set out to achieve these past couple months? Well, let's see how they are going:

Swimming: I've been able to make it at least one day a week but really want to pick this up to 2-3 days.

Running: Umm....I'll start tomorrow? I had hoped to get in 3 days a week and managed 2 days last week and zippo for this week.

Check out running group: I got as far as looking at the website. Maybe next week.

Kickboxing classes: I think I might have to take a class at my gym for starters since classes at other locations seem to be a bit pricey.

As you can see, I am taking the relaxed approach to reaching my goals..just a little at a time. I'm not going to stress out about it. I know I want to do better and I will start picking things up next week. (Can't start on a Friday, it would just seem weird).

I did make it out for an hour walk tonight. Now I'm going to straighten up the house and get ready for The Office finale. Tomorrow, I plan on hitting the gym in the a.m. for a swim and I'm going to shoot for a good cardio workout at the gym after work. As for posting some pictures, I'm still thinking about it. Not sure if the world is ready for that!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Seeing Progress

Weigh-ins: nearly every morning

Measurements: first of the month in the a.m.

What else? Why not pictures!

Two years ago, I took some pictures of myself to get a good idea of my progress. I just found those pics on Sunday and decided to take a new batch to see where I'm at. I'm happy to say there was much improvement. The waist is smaller, hips are smaller, even my face looks less like a giant melon. I've decided to take pics every couple of months to track my progress even further. Sometimes I can fool myself in the mirror but those photos tell no lies (unfortunately). Sorry, will not be posting those bad boys; I'm not that brave.

So, what have I done to with all my good energy and additional motivation from those pics? Notta. I have not been out for a run, workout session or swimming at all this week. Just could not get myself in the exercise zone and tonight is bowling so, unless I go for a run when I get home, today may be a bust, too. We shall see how it all goes. I'm just taking it easy this week and not going to worry about it and I will get back on track next week. Scouts honor.

Happy hump day everyone!

Monday, May 12, 2008

New Addition to the Family

A congratulatory shout-out to my cousin, Melissa, for having her baby boy this morning at 3:20am. You are a rock star! This is her second child-big sister Sofia is 3 years old now and very excited to have a new baby brother. Melissa is busy finishing her neurology residency in New York-nothing like working 147 hours in 2 weeks while 9 months pregnant to get things rolling...forever the overachiever in our family! Can't wait to see the little man.

As for me, it was a nice, boiling hot weekend. Yep, 93 degrees in the shade, so I spent most of Saturday in the pool and Sunday I stayed indoors as I got a tad too much sun the previous day. I also caught up on some movies: Cloverfield, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and Iron Man. Iron Man totally rocked! As for the other two, eh..could do without.

Now it's back to reality. Back to workouts, work and watching what I eat. Is it the weekend yet?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Scale Addiction

I think I have a problem with the whole scale concept. Maybe it's not so much a problem as a slight addiction with the scale. Do they have a support group for this? Some people weigh themselves once a week, some even once a month. Ha! I'm an every day scale person. I never used to be but I think it all stems from working at Curves for Women, where the staff would always do weigh-ins every day we worked and measurements once a month. So, I got accustomed to jumping on the scale every day. Of course, that's when the scale and I were close friends and I would see a loss at least every week. We are sworn enemies now. I'm not sure if we will ever make up. But I still hold out the possibility we can be friends again.

I would love to only meet my scale once a week. I won't even dream of once a month, that's just too long for me; and for those of you who don't use any scale, thumbs up to you! I'm just tired of working my ass off and not seeing a lower number to reward me for my work. Maybe I should just focus on the measurements because they are much more friendly to me. But what can I say, I'm addicted to the scale.

P.S. There are three in my home. Ahhhh!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Back to Running

Yeah! I'm so excited to be back in the running game again. I did get myself out for a run last night and it went pretty well. I think I did about a mile and a half and then walked a half mile. It was about 9:20pm before I got myself out the door so I tried to get in as much as I could before it got too late. For these late runs, I usually try to stick to my neighborhood and have only almost been run over twice, which is pretty good odds, I guess.

Today, Adriana and I had our first running date since February. We went down to Deerfield Beach and ran along the beachfront and then off down A1A for a total of 4.5 miles. I can't believe how much of a difference asphalt and concrete are..I get much more sore from jostling on the concrete compared to my runs on asphalt. I do so love running along the beach, though, so I will take my sidewalk running with a smile. It was a pretty good run for us being out of commission for so long but we definitely have a long way to go.

Now it's time to relax a bit and get ready for my evening shows-Deadliest Catch and Workout-yeah!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Another Monday Bites the Dust

And thank goodness for that! I started my day out quite up around 5:20 and went for a nice walk through the neighborhood and took my time getting ready for work this morning. I had made a big turkey dinner yesterday so I packed up some leftovers for lunch and had good vibes-a magnificent Monday indeed!

NOT AT ALL! I have pin-pointed the job. So, after a grueling day at work, I came home and did some job searching. Small potatoes out there right now. Although there are lots of opportunities out there, nothing jumped out at me and said "Pick me, pick me!" So, I guess I will keep my eyes open and focus my good energy on winning the lottery-sounds logical, right?

I'm debating on going for a run now. I know it's what I should be doing but I also know I'm running tomorrow so my motivation is a bit waned knowing I'll be going tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I'll get a spark of energy once I get up out of this chair. Let's see....not exactly. Well, I tried.

Here's to a better day tomorrow.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

To Join or Not to Join

I know people who will not join a gym until they have lost some weight so they will feel better about working out in a gym once they join. Well, that's how I feel about running. I'm trying to find different ways to get back to running and increase my distance. When I run alone, I can always talk myself out of pushing myself extra hard and tend to give up when it gets tough. So, there is a running group in my home town that I could join but I'm worried: Are these guys die-hard runners who will kick my ass? Is there a beginners group I can join? Will I be crying after day 1? Is it worth it? What I will probably end up doing is checking out the website a bit and maybe make a call to answer some questions (not the crying one).

Besides that, it's been a nice Saturday so far. Did the household chores this morning and now I'm going to head back to the pool deck for some more fun in the sun...lots of sunblock included of course. I think I will hit the gym around 4 or 5 today for a good workout and some pool time, especially since I didn't make it there yesterday like I planned.

Hope everyone is having a fantabulous weekend!