Friday, May 30, 2008

Car Woes

Got the truck back last Friday after it was with the dealership for 49 days.

I noticed some problems with it on Saturday after checking it over more carefully. It was pouring when I picked it up and it was Memorial Weekend so the lovely collision experts were nowhere to be found.

Brian checks it over and takes it back to the dealership to fix the bumper and some paint drips he noticed. They do a shitty job fixing said bumper and need the vehicle to come back in to do additional work.

Bad decision on their part. Brian is a "car guy" and looked that truck over top to bottom tonight and now has a list of grievances to chew them out about on Monday. Glad I am not them.

Guess I will be cruising in a rental again real soon but maybe, if I'm lucky, they can keep the truck for another ridiculous amount of days and actually fix the damn thing properly.

And how was your day?


Erin said...

Did it drive well? Hopefully the only concerns were cosmetic. I would be picky too since it was brand new but at least when you put that first door ding in, it won't sting anywhere near as bad as the accident. Hang in there. Hopefully it's a shorter separation this time around.

Jess said...

That sucks.