Monday, May 19, 2008

Feeling Overwhelmed

There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done; and to top it off, I'm a great procrastinator so this makes getting things done even more nerve wracking. These past few weeks have been pretty good on the exercise front, but while making time for exercise, I have pushed away some time for other projects I had lined up.

I really want to do that spring cleaning on the house, ya know, before summer hits. The house is usually pretty clean but could use that quarterly deep clean including cupboards, windows, cleaning furniture, dusting and organizing the dreaded closets. These have been on my to-do list for quite some time and I just keep putting them off every weekend. The plan was to take a Sat or Sun, get up early and keep going until I was done. Now May is half over and I haven't even started!

I also had some small projects I wanted to undertake:

- organizing all my photos into photo albums, right now they are a jumbled mess.
- complete the scrapbook of my sister's wedding. that's been on the list for over a year.
- fix my watches. one just needs a new battery and another needs the band fixed since a screw came out but i never get around to taking them in.
- um, study for that freaking LSAT. the books are starting to collect dust.
- join a running group so i can get out of my 2-3 mile rut.
- kickboxing classes
- fix the tire on my bicycle
....and the list goes on and on.

Part of the problem is that I'm a thinker more than a doer. I can plan and make lists but getting me to do those things can be a challenge. Maybe I need to tackle one project a week until I whittle that baby down. What do you think? Any good ideas on how to find some more time in the day, besides giving up sleep, that is.

Hope everyone had a good Monday. Mine was pretty good for a change. Maybe it's because I didn't try to make it good, I just accepted the cards I was dealt today. Now if I can just get the rest of the week to work out that way. At least there's that long weekend to look forward to...


Jess said...

I know what ya mean -- everyday seems like a busy day. I think it would probably be wise to do as you were thinking: Focus on one task at a time. However, I can talk that talk, but rarely walk that walk.

Erin said...

Join the Erin's list club on the weekend. Before pregnancy, I was a list completer. Now it takes me a little longer to get the items done. Basically, no relaxation or hobbies until your chores are complete.

Or Ryan's approach-do it all when you get home from work until you go to bed. Whenever he has a project on his list, he goes non-stop until it's done.

Cammy said...

Ah, my sister in procrastination!
I did the same thing this past weekend! So many plans, so little time!

One thing that works fairly well for me is the "fifteen minutes a day" method. Set a timer for 15 minutes and do *something* toward a project during that time. At the end of the 15 minutes, you can keep going or put it aside and finish it during the next day's session. It helps me, when I commit to doing it regularly. :) Your post has inspired me to give it another try.

sunshine said...

Those "small projects" seem like major undertakings to me! :)

Kelly O said...

this might very well be overly simplistic, but I read recently in Brian Tracy's book - that each night you write out the Top 6 (or it could be 5 or 10) things you must accomplish the next day. Then those are what you focus on solely until they are done.
Otherwise you sound like me, I have so many lists I could sit around all day making lists and lists from lists and lists about lists but never doing any of them.
I love the quote,

"The biggest time wasted is the time spent getting started."


Lesley said...

Oh God! Lists. I'm brilliant at them too! I bet though, that you do more than you give yourself credit for....just not necessarily what's on the list.

I find that, if I'm resisting the list item, I need to sneak around the side of it sort of. Not make myself do it but do other stuff and then just happen upon the nasty list item!! The stupid games we play eh?

Good luck with them from one procrastinator to another.

Lesley x

MN Mom said...

Wow that is a hell-of-a-long list! I can tell you right now why you are procrastinating...
list is way too long! Shorten list do a few easy things so you can go--check check! That will give you energy to keep going.

JavaChick said...

I have the same problem - too many things I want to do and never enough time. If you figure out the solution, let me know!

Erin said...

I am totally a list person, although that doesn't mean that I will get to it - that item just might reappear on the next list! I am in the same boat with you about the photo albums.

Thinking Thin said...

I am so with ya on this. What I have tried doing (hasn't always worked) is to take 15 minutes each day and start on one project until it is complete. If you can get into the habit of doing this, the task is so much less daunting (or so I have been told) :).

After typing the above, I just noticed Cammy said the same. Great minds must think alike :)

WeightingGame said...

Oh, I have a list like that! I've been waiting for, oh, YEARS to put all my articles together in a coupla books and it just. won't. happen!