Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's Raining!

So, I was supposed to have my running date tonight but it's a-pouring outside so we had to cancel. I'm not too unhappy about it cuz it's a good excuse for me to skip (just kidding!) but Florida needs some serious rain right now. We have been in the burning fires of hell for weeks now so this is a nice relief. Hopefully it will quench my lawn's thirst and give me some green grass again since the lawn is looking pretty dry lately.

Does anyone else get new goals just from watching movies or am I the only fruit loop who does this? Last night, I watched Wild Hogs and wanted to go out, buy a Harley and start riding cross-country. Today, I put in Blue Crush and now I want to buy and surf board and start taking surf lessons: not a whole lot of wave action over here unless we get a storm or some major winds but I could just float out there and pretend, I suppose. I guess I better not watch any western movies or Brian is going to come home to a horse in the backyard.

Well, if the rain continues, I think I will just chill tonight with a good book and take a night off the exercise, but if it stops early enough, I may go out for a jog. I foresee a book being the most likely option.

Later gators


Jess said...

We need one of those nice, long soaking rains to help. But at least we got something tonight!

Cammy said...

Ahhh, a rainy night and a good book--life just doesn't get any better. Put up your feet and enjoy!

(I'm glad you're getting a good rain! You needed it so badly!)

Erin said...

Tag - you're it!