Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Roller Coaster of Life

Yep, there is never a dull moment in life, no plateau of normalcy to hang around on and just relax. There's always seems to be another hurdle to jump or hill to climb on the proverbial roller coaster. This week is more of the same. Brian (BF) received some sad news early yesterday that his uncle/godfather had passed away so we got him packed and I sent him off to Chicago about a half hour ago to spend a week with his family. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of them at this time and I wish I had been able to get away from work long enough to attend as well.

Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to start my lovely to-do list but now that I'm on bachelorette for the next week, I do think the house will be tackled and cleaned until it sparkles. Or, I may just hang out in the pool all weekend. Maybe I can strike a comfortable balance between the two. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful suggestions, I will be experimenting with them when tackling my many projects. Now, we all know what is going to happen when I miraculously finish that list, right? Yep, a new one will appear! I can't wait!

On the exercise front, I managed to get in a 3 mile run/walk on Monday night and Tuesday morning, I hit the pool at 5am and got some laps in. I might get in an exercise DVD tonight or just take it easy, not sure yet. Tomorrow morning is going to be another round of swimming and then Adriana and I have our running date after work. I hope it's not 95 degrees again tomorrow or I am in deep trouble!

Time to skedaddle for some din-din. Have a great night.


Erin said...

Sorry to hear about Brian's loss.

Look at you go with all the exercise! Soon Jess will be drinking a beer watching you run.

Good luck on the lists.

P.O.M. said...

I vote that you hang out at the pool all weekend. Cleaning is over-rated. ha ha.

Jess said...

Sorry to hear of Brian's loss. I hope his trip goes well.

Thinking Thin said...

I have a solution for your dilemma. You clean your house and mine and I will lounge in the pool :) Sounds like a win win situation. Ok, maybe just for me but can't blame me for trying.

Cammy said...

Shoot. Thinking Thin took my idea. Maybe you could clean both our houses and we'll each have someone to chat with at the pool. :)

Seriously, maybe you could set time for both? Use the pool option as a reward for getting some of your projects done.

Way to go on the exercise!

Shannon said...

That's awful about Brian's uncle. I am so sorry to hear that. Send him our love.