Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Scale Addiction

I think I have a problem with the whole scale concept. Maybe it's not so much a problem as a slight addiction with the scale. Do they have a support group for this? Some people weigh themselves once a week, some even once a month. Ha! I'm an every day scale person. I never used to be but I think it all stems from working at Curves for Women, where the staff would always do weigh-ins every day we worked and measurements once a month. So, I got accustomed to jumping on the scale every day. Of course, that's when the scale and I were close friends and I would see a loss at least every week. We are sworn enemies now. I'm not sure if we will ever make up. But I still hold out the possibility we can be friends again.

I would love to only meet my scale once a week. I won't even dream of once a month, that's just too long for me; and for those of you who don't use any scale, thumbs up to you! I'm just tired of working my ass off and not seeing a lower number to reward me for my work. Maybe I should just focus on the measurements because they are much more friendly to me. But what can I say, I'm addicted to the scale.

P.S. There are three in my home. Ahhhh!


Erin said...

When Ryan and I were dieting, we had a set day that we both weighed in at and compared week to week how we were doing. I still hopped on everyday but didn't think much about it. If it got to the point where I would consider eating differently or exercising more based on that number, then I knew it was time to lose the scale because that isn't healthy dieting/working out.

Do you base your day on what the scale says or are you ok with hopping on, seeing a number and thinking "whatever"? If you are starting to base your day on that number...get off of it! Stick with measurements because believe me, it is showing on you. The hard work is paying off even if the scale isn't telling you so.

Heather said...

I used to weigh myself constantly. every day, with clothes on, with clothes off, before meals ,after meals,etc. it was too much! now I just stick with every other day so that I can stay on track, but once I get to stablization and maintenance, I plan on once a week. I could use a break from the scale too!

Jess said...

I have no set days or times when I weigh myself. Sometimes it's weeks and weeks between weigh-ins and sometimes I weigh myself several days in a row. But my scale is not out, I have to pull it out of the shelf under the bathroom sink, thus I forget about it. But when I'm at someone's house where the scale is just out, in the bathroom, I automatically weigh myself. I also frequently hop on the giant scales at Publix.

I'm just curious. The numbers are pretty much always within the same 3 lbs of each other. And I'm never really consciously trying to lose any weight, so I don't really attach anything to it.

Crystal said...

Erin: I find I don't really center my day around the scale, I just like to have an idea what the number says. I know the measurements are a better way to track my progress but I do like to know what the evil scale has to say!

Erin said...

As long as the evil scale isn't yelling at you; go for it! :)

JavaChick said...

If you google it, you'll find lots of articles saying that people who weigh themselves daily tend to be successful at weight loss. It can help to keep you focused. So I don't think there is anything wrong with weighing yourself daily, as long as it doesn't make you crazy.

This is one of those things where there is no one right answer (IMHO). You have to do what what works for you.

MN Mom said...

I hate the scale...Dah. But now I weigh only once a week at WW and find that best for me. Maybe when I lose what I want to I and the scale can visit once a day again, but for now I let my pants do my talking and they button!

Cammy said...

I didn't weigh myself for years. I knew it was bad--really bad--and I didn't want to know the number. Ostrich. Sand.

After a sometimes ugly transitional period, I now weigh 3 times a week. I think of each weigh-in as having a different purpose.

Monday night is the Official Weigh-in and the first time I step on the scale is the Official Number. (The caps indicate how serious this all is. *G*) I usually will step on the scale again just to make sure the second number is anywhere close to the first, either above or below. But the first numer is The One.

Wednesday night is Double-Check Night. Again, the number should be reasonably close to the Monday number. No panic or elation if it's not. It's just a number.

Friday night is Sneak Peek Night. I spin it either way. If it's up, I use the number to focus on healthy choices on the weekend. If it's down, I commit to keeping it down. (Of course, the next Monday weigh in rarely follows the Sneak Peek number, but I'm trying to ignore that.)

I share this not to bore you to tears, but in the event you could morph it into something useful for yourself. As long as what you're doing now isn't hindering your efforts, who are we to judge? :)

Shannon said...

I'm a daily weigher (always in the morning, naked, after my morning pee - supposedly your most accurate time to weigh!). Back when I was maintaining, I definitely used it to set my day. If I was down or the same, I was allowed a splurge. If I was up, then I would "be good." It really worked for me.
Now it's just depressing, but I can't seem to get out of the habit!

eurydice said...

i only weigh myself once per week and i hate it. aka i dread it every time! there were periods in my life when i would weigh myself every day - when i was trying to lose weight fast... but the stress and thrills and disappointments are just too much for me to handle.