Wednesday, May 28, 2008


the Swim Around Key West is June 20th. It's 12.5 miles from start to finish and, as much as I want to participate, I am just not prepared. I swim in a nicely contained pool with no currents, waves, boats, jet skis, etc. so I think I need some serious work before trying out this baby. I really wish I had known about this earlier this year or the swim wasn't until August but, unfortunately, less than one month is not enough time to train. I am disappointed but now I can prepare for next year.

On another note, I am addicted to popcorn this week. I have had three bags of microwave popcorn w/cheese topping and every night I want another bag. Oh, and I'm eating the entire bag in one sitting..nope, these are not the single-serving bags either. I must be stopped! Well, if all else fails, I should run out sometime next week.

I think I'm being a self-sabotager this week. I am down 5 pounds as of Monday. So excited! So what have I done with this high? See paragraph above. And no exercise this week other than taking Wilson for a 30 minute walk 3 days this week. I need a serious ass-kicking.

Alright kiddies, I am off to bed because I am DETERMINED to get my butt out of bed and swim tomorrow. 5 a.m. here I come!



Erin said...

I couldn't imagine running 12 miles much less swimming them. The swim sounds like a huge challenge and fun but swimming in the elements is much harder than the pool. I agree, set it as a goal for next year and you will rock it out.

Maybe this year you could take Jess' advice and head down for the Duval Crawl :)

Jess said...

That swim does sound challenging, especially because open water is difficult to navigate. However, you could focus on the event for next year and have that as a primary goal between now and then. I think a year to prepare yourself would be adequate.

As per the popcorn, I too love the stuff -- so salty and delicious. But I always get the single serving bags because I like the portion. But Jerry bought some single serving bags that are "heart healthy" and blech! They are so bland. Guess that's what ya get for "healthy" popcorn!

Heather said...

wow congrats on the loss...dont sabatoge yourself, keep up the healthy habits! have you ever tried that natural popcorn thats by orville redenbocker? its pretty good and better for you than "normal" popcorn, so it may help some when you are on a popcorn kick.

Erin said...

Congrats on the 5 pounds! That is so so good! I feel as though I have gained 5 this week - I don't think it is THAT bad, but it feels like it! I love, love popcorn for a night time snack.

MN Mom said...

I have been bad this week too, popcorn, made scallops and shrimp with butter for Jon and ate it I am convinced I can STOP the madness! (At least I hope so.)
The Orville Redenbocker 94% fat free is good. Add a bit of Parkay butter spray & salt...still healthy but good.
You are so determined and exercising so good, you just hit a small bump and now have it flattned down!
Sorry about the race this year but I am glad you aren't going unprepared.