Saturday, May 3, 2008

To Join or Not to Join

I know people who will not join a gym until they have lost some weight so they will feel better about working out in a gym once they join. Well, that's how I feel about running. I'm trying to find different ways to get back to running and increase my distance. When I run alone, I can always talk myself out of pushing myself extra hard and tend to give up when it gets tough. So, there is a running group in my home town that I could join but I'm worried: Are these guys die-hard runners who will kick my ass? Is there a beginners group I can join? Will I be crying after day 1? Is it worth it? What I will probably end up doing is checking out the website a bit and maybe make a call to answer some questions (not the crying one).

Besides that, it's been a nice Saturday so far. Did the household chores this morning and now I'm going to head back to the pool deck for some more fun in the sun...lots of sunblock included of course. I think I will hit the gym around 4 or 5 today for a good workout and some pool time, especially since I didn't make it there yesterday like I planned.

Hope everyone is having a fantabulous weekend!


MN Mom said...

Sounds like you are feeling good about yourself and that is half the battle. You will do fine with or without the group...I have faith in you.

Erin said...

I say check the running groups out! I wouldn't be disciplined enough to run on my own either and if you find the right group, you will really enjoy it. Remember Jess had to try a couple out before she found one she liked.

Cammy said...

A phone call to the running group would be a great start! It may also take a little trial and error but at least you're moving forward. Good luck!

Jess said...

Which running group is it?

Most groups have a variety of levels, or people who run at a variety of levels, and some have specific beginner groups. I'd call the coach or email the coach and ask. It is great to run with others, especially for longer distances, but I personally prefer to be by myself -- feels meditative.

Shannon said...

I must confess I am one of those people who diet and exercise for a while prior to the gym. Then I quit shortly after joining. :)