Saturday, June 28, 2008

Small Setback

I am a klutz. So, of course my clumsiness would eventually result in some wear and tear on the body, right? Case in point: since it's summer we get all these lovely gnats swarming about. They see the pool and dive right in and, of course, die from the chlorine or their own crash landings, who knows. Whatever the cause, the pool needs to be cleaned of the bug graveyard every day or so. So, last night, I was out there on the deck with my little skimmer just cleaning away. I'd been at it for about 15 minutes and was heading around one of the tighter edges of my pool when my foot slipped on the water on the deck and my right leg flies into the pool, smashing my knee right into the corner of the deck. I wish Brian would have gotten a picture of this cuz I'm sure I looked like an acrobat gone wrong with one leg in the pool and the other splayed out behind me like I'm trying to do a new kind of splits. Needless to say, my knee was hurting big time. I rested for the rest of the night, thinking it would be fine this morning. Umm, not so much. I woke up to the throbbing pain of a pissed off knee so my big swimming session may have to be postponed. At least there is no bruising (yet) but that baby is nice and swollen, especially the muscles right above my knee. I may have to take a rest day and just chill in the pool with a good book...I have it so rough, right?

In other current CJ events:

Bowling was, um, how shall I put this...haphazard? My scores were: 80, 158 and 115. Yeah, um, not sure what was going on with me but I am totally placing the blame on Lane 11. We just were not connecting and it caused a serious rift between us the whole night.

I am so swamped at work I can't see my desk. It is completely covered with files galore. I think my heart rate goes up every time I look at it, too. At least I have a three day weekend next week so I can avoid it for one more day that week..hopefully I can find my desk before the weekend starts but I'm sure once I clear a spot, more will pile up. Well, all that works keeps me from office shenanigans so I guess it's a good thing.

Have a great weekend!


Jess said...

That sucks about crashing on the pool and deck and wrecking your knee. Ice it. Take Advil every 4-6 hours and take it easy.

Meagan said...

Muffin! That sucks! Hope you're feeling better! On another thought, Lane 11 is the devil.

Cammy said...

Ouch! Jess is right: ice, rest, Advil. Hope it's nothing serious!

Erin said...

Bummer on the knee. Jess and Cammy have the same advice I would give. It was bound to happen so be thankful you didn't break anything or smack your head. I know if I were doing it, I would have fallen in a long time ago.