Monday, June 16, 2008

What To Blame

I like to do my weigh-ins on Monday since I see this as the start of the week for me and I like to know where I'm starting at (yep, I do weigh myself throughout the week but this is the one I count). Got on the scale and all I can say is "SCREW YOU SCALE!" Yep, we are not really on speaking terms right now. In fact, I think it needs some alone time to think about how it treated me this morning. No wonder I was not so pleasant at work today.

I know I'm being a bit of a drama queen (I'm am a Sagittarius after all) because there was no weight gain, but no loss either. I want loss dammit! So, what am I going to blame. Let's see...

1. The big spaghetti dinner with garlic bread last night.
2. The 3 cups of cappuccino every day this past week.
3. Only exercising 3 days this past week.
4. Pitchers of beer on bowling night-it helps my game ;)
5. Beer on Friday night
6. Or just not making the best food choices for most of the week.

Gee, I guess I'm pretty lucky I didn't have a big gain from this, now that I see it in writing. So, I'm going try and flip this around this week so I get a nice loss on Monday. I am waaayyy too far away from my goal weight to be slacking off already.

Tonight I'm going to hit the pool for some laps since I haven't done any since last weekend. Bad girl! Oh, I did practice my flip turns in my own pool but that consists of flip-glide-hit other end of pool-repeat until dizzy.

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Cammy said...

Now do you really want to sacrifice your high bowling scores for a few calorie savings? :)

Maybe give up the cappucinos instead. LOL

I'm sorry you didn't have a loss, but it looks like you had a fun week! That HAS to count for something!

goodbyetoallfat said...

I've had the same battle with my scale this week and I am also a Monday weigh in person!

I am debating at the moment whether to move to fortnightly weigh ins and not beat myself up so much if the scale doesn't move precisely every 7 days.

Best wishes,

Heather said...

hey at least you know why you are up. the worst is being up and doing everything you can and its hopeless. Sorry to hear that the scale didnt cooperate, but now you know the things you can do to see the numbers that you want to see. I know you can do it and we all have weekends like that where nothing works out the way we intend. so move on and make this week great!

ashley said...

I'd say your lucky it wasn't a gain! I hope you enjoyed your splurges and it's great that you realize what could have caused a gain. How good was your game, anyway? ;)

Crystal said...

Let's see...if memory serves me correctly my bowling scores were 114 for game 1, 103 in game 2 and 151 in game 3. All that with Miller Lite! Can you imagine if the bar had not run out of Bud Light? I could have been in the 200's!!

ashley said...

Can you try a redo this weekend!?

Jess said...

You can't get rid of the beer!

Erin said...

I agree with the others. Never sacrifice the beer. Cut calories somewhere else. Or, drink a beer with some nutrients so you feel less guilty. Hee hee! Either way, you are still making progress-just not as fast as you hoped. Hang in there.

eurydice said...

it for your reasons above that i only weigh in on fridays... the lowest weight day haha.

JavaChick said...

Yeah, Mondays are always bad for weigh-ins, for me anyway. Somehow weekends are too full of temptation! But at least you had fun!

ThickChick said...

Pasta does it to me EVERYTIME!!
I don't villianize carbs, but seriously...the day after pasta my weight is ALWAYS up. (It will come down by tomorrow, mark my words!)

ThickChick said...

Pasta does it to me EVERYTIME!!
I don't villianize carbs, but seriously...the day after pasta my weight is ALWAYS up. (It will come down by tomorrow, mark my words!)