Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm a Hoopin Machine

When I first started hula hooping, I was only able to do it for about 10 minutes, twice a week and got bruises after each session.

And now?

I am hoopin 30 minutes a night and squeezing in at least 5 nights a week. Woo hoo! Love the hula! I usually watch some tv or read my book while I'm hooping, otherwise the time drags by. Since this hoop is heavily weighted, all I could do at first was stand still and focus on making it for my desired time limit. Now, I've worked up to walking around (okay, I'm chasing the dog, but I'm walking while I do it!) and I do 5 minute squats every 7-10 minutes to switch things up.

Yep, I am a hula hoopin machine.

If only I could make some money off this. Legally, of course.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things I Love

Sometimes I just have to talk about the stuff I love in life..or continue an old list-whatever

1. Digital camera. There's nothing better than taking and picture and being able to download it on your computer right away to share w/family and friends.

2. My blackberry phone. It does will even talk to me if I push the right buttons, although it never says anything profound.

3. Books. I will gladly spend a fortune in books just for the sheer joy of reading. It is my favorite hobby.

4. The hula hoop. I'm not getting bruised anymore since I'm hooping on my stomach instead of my hip area so the hoop and I are now BFFs. What can I say, it keeps me entertained and away from the fridge for a half hour.

5. Bowling pins. I just love knocking them down!!

6. Swimsuit/goggles. Whenever I'm stressed or need some down time, I can jump into my gear and swim my troubles away..and burn some much-needed calories.

7. The computer. Duh.

8. My iPod. If I had to listen to myself huffin' and puffin' while running I would've given up a long time ago. Thank you music.

9. Flip flops. Clearly one of the greatest inventions ever.

10. The scale. Something needs to keep me in line!

It's been a pretty quiet week. I have not been a good girl gym-wise so my goal is to hit the gym tomorrow morning and run tomorrow night and then get back on track after that. No more slacking! Have a great night.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's a Sign

My favorite excuse not to go to the gym lately has been, "It's too far away." Too far away being a 10 minute drive, parking, putting stuff in locker, and getting to a machine to start. So, that's my big excuse for not going the past 3 weeks. Evidently, the gym gods heard my cranking and whining. So, they opened another gym 2 minutes from my house. Directly on my way home from work. Can't freaking miss it now. I went this morning and it rocks and has a beautiful indoor pool.

Guess that will shut me up.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Much-Needed Push

I've been a bit sluggish for the past week, which would explain why there hasn't been much exercise posted lately. So, after a good night sleep last night..I went to bed before 9pm...I heard the alarm start going off at 5am. I immediately hit the snooze and tried to talk myself out of getting up. After the second snooze hit, I gave myself a little talking to, forced myself out of bed and grabbed my gym clothes from the dresser. I got in a 30 minute walk/run this morning and it felt pretty dang good. But the best part was the rest of the day. I had renewed energy throughout my whole day. I wasn't tired at lunch and got to enjoy my book for a good 30 minutes. I got more done at work and came home with lots of energy to spare.

For the evening, I am going to do some errands and get some stuff off my to do list. If there's still time, I'm going to try and squeeze in another 30-45 workout of some type. Sometimes we just need to stop the excuses and push ourselves to get the job done. It's tough at first, but the rewards are worth it in the long run.

Monday, July 21, 2008

What are the odds

So, remember months ago when I mentioned taking the LSAT? Well, the test is October 4th...and my mom and sister will be here October 2nd-5th so I am going to be changing my test date. In the long run, I think it's a good thing because I have not touched my LSAT books except to dust them so I'm not even remotely prepared for the test, and I don't think it's one of those "wing it" type of tests. So, I'm going to reschedule it for December 8th, ya know like the day before my birthday. Perfect!

In other news, Batman's The Dark Knight rocks! It is a long one but was worth my time anyway and Heath Ledger did an excellent job as The Joker. A must-see!

I've been a stubborn one when it comes to exercise. In the last 5 days I have exercised a whopping 20 minutes-not including pushing my floaty raft around the pool yesterday. Enough of that-5am swimming will commence tomorrow, no exceptions. Work has been really stressful since we have two of our big bosses down from New York hovering over us to see how productive we are and I had extra work due to a coworker being out least the day flies by.

Well, time to finish the household chores so I can get to bed by 10ish. Happy Monday

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Random Thoughts

I've got nothing profound or news-worthy to share so how about some randomness instead.

First off, the bowling stats. Can't forget these right? Game 1: 135, Game 2: 117, Game 3: 117. Not worthy of a trophy but not too shabby-at least a broke a 100 on them all. What really matters is that our team has won the last two games so we are slowly sneaking up on everyone. That's right..we are playing a sneak attack on everyone so WATCH OUT bowling rivals!

My dog has decided that he must not get enough tasty treats in the mornings because he has decided to start eating my kitchen rug. When the first side of tassels disappeared, I blamed it on the washer/dryer (even though there was no evidence in either) but I never once thought it was Wilson. Now, both sides are missing tassels and the rug is getting smaller. Are you kidding me? We've had this dog for 4 years and he's never eaten anything more than stuffing from his own toys. Guess that lost its flavor so he's moved on to better things. He's lucky he's so cute.

I have not swam in 2.5 weeks. I could blame it on the near daily rain showers or I could tell it like it is. I've been too lazy to get my butt to the pool.

I found a fellow hula hooper in my friend Erin's sister, Emily. She also gets lots of bruising from her hoop and we think it's just the weight factor of the hula hoop. I may have to wear some padding around the waistline to prevent permanent damage-right now I can only use the hoop 2-3 times/week because my waistline feels like raw hamburger for a few days in between. I will conquer!

It's Saturday. It's beautiful outside. My house is cleaned, the bills are paid, the dog is fed ( if he gets hungry there's always the rug) so it's time for some playtime. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Wee Bit Stressed

I woke up at 5am already stressed out for the day. Now, if this continues, I will have nothing to look forward to at work-that's when I'm supposed to get all stressed and freaky! I know where all this stress is coming from: I'm doing lots of tossing and turning about career decisions and what direction I want to head to; stupid weight loss (yeah, I'm in a peachy mood today); and the big one is family stresses.

So, how has this lovely stress affected me so far? Well, I was up at the butt crack of dawn (a.k.a. middle of the night) on Monday and today, although I slept in till 5am, I woke up with a million things on my mind. I've had about 5 gallons of coffee since Friday-it's my stress reliever (HA!)- and I've been a bit piggish with the food choices. Like eating McDonalds and Wendys out of business. Pizza and chicken wings at Anthony's last night (scrumptious) and I've already got that first cup of coffee taken care of today.

The good news is I did get out of bed and went running this morning, which stopped all the stress thinking for awhile and it felt good to get out there. Three other neighbors are out walking at this time so I don't feel all alone, either. I'm going to try to make some good food choices..they haven't all been bad. In fact, I eat really well throughout the day until I get home. Maybe I'm not getting enough calories during the day and that's why I want to eat the couch cushions once I get in the door. Something to ponder.

Well, enough from my front. Time to pack the lunch and get myself organized. Later gators

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No Need for Sleep, Right?

I am wide awake. I've been wide awake since about 3:30 this morning. What the freaking hell is this about? All I can say is this should make for an interesting day-hopefully I won't crash by 10am. Bring on the flavored coffee!

So, after a no-holds-barred weekend of crap food, I felt like a chunk munk yesterday at work. My favorite scale reports the same number (thank goodness!) so no gain but you know when you just feel like a pile of mush? That was me. I ate pretty good yesterday, lots of fruit and veggies and last night I went for a 2 mile run, did 30 minutes with the hula hoop ( I *heart* my hula hoop) and did my sit ups/crunches. Maybe getting back into the exercise mode is what got me up so early.

Today, I am hoping to make it through the work day without a nap, run some errands and head to the gym. Here's hoping for another terrific Tuesday!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Good Ole' Sundays

Last night, Brian and I did venture out for some bowling action and I did pretty good. First game was a 98, game 2 was 146 and game 3 was 120. Not stellar but better than an 85. I think I need my own ball so I'm not constantly trying to get comfortable with the lovely house balls they have. And shoes. And a bowling trainer. And a fan base. And my own bowling t-shirt line. That should do it. Then I would be unstoppable! After bowling, we were still feeling the competitive streak so we hit the pool hall near our house for some extra fun. First time there and it's a pretty nice place..even a live band and no cover for a change. We played lots of darts and, although I lost every freaking round, it was a good time.

Today, my most exciting thing was the grocery store. Note to Self: If you want to maintain your sanity, do not go the the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon. You are just begging for trouble. Everyone else in the city limits was there to shop so it was nice and crowded. I had to use my pivot skills from basketball when getting my fruits/veggies and still managed to beat Brian while he hung out in the deli. Then tackle football took place in the aisles trying to get past people to the shelves. What a fiasco!

As for tonight, I think I'll give Wilson a bath, watch some Law & Order Criminal Intent and prepare meals for tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

P.S. You may have noticed a lack of exercise these past few days. Yep, I've been boycotting it since Wednesday. No reason except I'm being a lazy bum. I think I'll use darts as my upper body workout and bowling as my low-impact cardio workout. Sounds good, right? Denial is so sweet.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cleaning Therapy

As you have probably come to realize, I despise my job and loathe a number of my coworkers for their lack of brain activity during the work hours. What can you expect when your boss hires based on personality? ( Not kidding, either. That's what she told me she started doing awhile back. It's not working lady!). Yesterday, I was at the boiling point when I got home and I was still a little pissy this morning so I decided therapy was in order.

Retail therapy was not in the cards so good, old-fashioned cleaning therapy was it. I swept the floors, vacuumed, cleaned the pool and pool deck, watered plants, washed dishes, did 4 loads of laundry and made lunch. I also managed to get in a couple hours pool/book time before the rains came down. I always feel so much better when the house is clean and pristine (well, clean anyway) so this melted any remaining resentment I have for work-at least till Monday rolls around again.

Tonight I think we are going to do some bowling. with an 80 and 85, I can obviously use the practice. Maybe I'll try it without the Bud Light and see how I do. Hmm...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Value your Body

Okay, let's start off with the important bowling stats. I know you are all dying to hear how I did so hear goes...Game 1-126, Game 2-125, Game 3-85. I blame Game 3 on the Miller Lite. See, we were drinking Bud Light through game one and most of two and then we got a bad pitcher of Bud and had to switch to Miller. That's when my game went downhill. It's all good though cuz I got to hang out with Erin and my best bud, Miller, so the night rocked regardless of my crappy last score.

Work sucked ass but I won't bore you with the details except to say that if someone in particular got laid at work then she wouldn't be such an intolerable bitch. The end.

On another note, I've been reading a book entitled Energy Addict and it's first chapter is entitled "Value Your Body." It's true when it states that we take better care of our $20,000 automobiles than we do our priceless bodies. Taking care of ourselves should be top priority. Without a healthy body, we cannot function properly in this world.

I'm trying to put more value into my body by regular exercise and more sleep. I will admit I am still a slacker on the food aspect but I am trying to do better. The beer, ladies, is here to stay. How about you? What do you do to value your body?

Okay, it's getting late and I need my sleep so time to skedaddle. Have a super friday everyone!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Murphy's Law

Today did not go quite as I would have planned. In the words of Murphy's Law, if anything can go wrong, it will.

Q. Did I get up early this morning for my refreshing run or swim?
A. Uh, no.

Q. Did I get up on time, refreshed and ready for my day.
A. If you count missing the alarm completely and jumping out of bed when Brian's alarm went off then, yes.

Q. Did I leave the house fully prepared for my day?
A. I managed to pack a lunch (salad, chicken breast and fruit cup) but forgot all eating utinsils so I ate lunch with my paring knife. That's right, I live on the edge.

Q. Did work fly by as smoothly as yesterday?
A. HAHAHAHAHA....NOT! The phone rang off the hook and my employees made me want to climb the neighboring building and tower over the edge of the roof.

So, not quite the day I had planned but what can you do, right? I got home, had a nice bowl of soup, played with Wilson for a little while and went for a nice, long walk. Oh, and I did about 15 minutes of the hula hoop, too. Now I'm ready for a bubble bath and some reading. Have a great night everyone!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And it Was Chicas!

I set out to have a terrific Tuesday and I was not disappointed. Yippee! Here's how I tallied my terrificness:

* work did not suck. this can be rare so i must enjoy this moment and relish it for the rest of the night because i have yet to have a repeat of this this event.

* i went to the bookstore and bought 3 new books. My couple of my buds had read Jen Lancaster's Such a Pretty Fat so i decided to get it too..and her other two books. i am up to my ears in sarcasm-love it!

* i got my stimulus check from Uncle Sam.

* and i got my exercise out of the way first thing this morning.

not too shabby people. it's the little things in life that give me the biggest smiles. hope everyone had a terrific tuesday and you are ready for wacky wednesday tomorrow. it obvious i've had too much caffeine today?

Terrific Tuesday

I hope, anyway. That nice long weekend sure flew by. The fourth of July was a great time. We had a ton of food (which I think I'm still digesting) and lots of fireworks from the BankAtlantic Center show and the boys' endless supply. Good times had by all. It was great to see baby Miller, too. He is getting so big already!

I have to be honest and say that I did not get in any exercise over the swimming, running, not even vigorous splashing in the backyard pool. That's okay, though. It was nice to relax and just enjoy a holiday weekend for a change instead of always feeling like you are being rushed and pulled in several directions.

Yesterday, I got in a nice 3.5 mile walk and then ran a mile after work/dinner. I felt so refreshed that I bounced out of bed this morning (after three snooze hits on the alarm) and went out for another run this morning where I managed 2 miles running and .5 miles walking. Now I am ready for the day! Or a nap.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back to Running

After a brief hiatus from running at which time I was fully focused on swimming, I decided this week was as good as any to dust off the old running shoes and get out there again. On Monday, I managed to squeeze in 20 minutes before the rains chased me back into the house. Overall, this was a pretty good warmup to running again. Not too long to make me real sore the next day and I put in a little sprinting at the end when I was racing towards the house. Not trying to sound like a chicken..I don't mind the rain, but I don't dig the thunder and lightning combo pack. After the run, I did some crunches/sit-ups, arm weights and 30 minutes on the hula hoop. I'm enjoying getting back to "hooping" but I think I may have to look into other hoops since mine continues to give me bruises around my hip bones. I'll give it a couple more weeks to see how it goes.

Last night was a better run. I was out there for about 35 minutes and did a half mile of walking and 2.5 miles running. It had been raining for a couple hours prior to my run so when I got out there it actually seemed cooler. There was a nice breeze and the air temps seemed to have gone down a bit. Obviously the humidity was still pretty high cuz when I got home I was drenched in sweat. All for a good cause.

I'm feeling pretty good this morning. No aches and pains, just a nice muscle tightness from working the muscles a little harder this week. The pool and I have a date this evening, weather permitting of course.

Happy hump day..later chicas

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Month/New Motivation

Wow, it's July already! I swear the older (more mature) you get, the faster the months fly by. Wasn't it just January a little while ago? So, in light of a new month, I feel it's time to up the motivation and kick things up a notch here in Crystal Land.

My motivation is my sister and mom are coming down here the first weekend of October and I want to show them how far I've come. I haven't seen my mom since February and will be 13 months since I've seen my sister, so I think showing them how much I've accomplished will be a great way to break in the weekend splendor. So, to increase my "wow" factor from now until then, I need some good goals for this month.

1. Swim 6 hours per week: 2 days per week at one hour each and two hours each on Sat/Sun.

2. Work on my running mileage. With the heat/humidity factor, I have put running on the back burner for awhile but I'm itching to get out there again and start increasing my mileage. I was out last night for a 20 minute run and, although I was drenched in sweat, it felt good to get out there again. I'd like to be running 3 miles consistently for this month.

3. Increase sit-ups. I usually do about 200 crunches at a time but sit-ups kick my ass. I'd like to see 25 sit-ups at one time by the end of this month.

4. Try one new exercise class this month.

5. Increase water intake. Right now, I would label myself dehydrated. I drink water here and there but rarely get the 64 oz/per day in at all. I think I'm going to add a Propel water in there two shake up the flavor and keep adding lemon to my water to get me to drink more.

I think that should keep me busy for the month. Hope everyone has a fantastic July and hits all of their goals, too. Later chicas