Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And it Was Chicas!

I set out to have a terrific Tuesday and I was not disappointed. Yippee! Here's how I tallied my terrificness:

* work did not suck. this can be rare so i must enjoy this moment and relish it for the rest of the night because i have yet to have a repeat of this this event.

* i went to the bookstore and bought 3 new books. My couple of my buds had read Jen Lancaster's Such a Pretty Fat so i decided to get it too..and her other two books. i am up to my ears in sarcasm-love it!

* i got my stimulus check from Uncle Sam.

* and i got my exercise out of the way first thing this morning.

not too shabby people. it's the little things in life that give me the biggest smiles. hope everyone had a terrific tuesday and you are ready for wacky wednesday tomorrow.

...is it obvious i've had too much caffeine today?


N.D. said...

Awesome, sounds like a great day. One of my friends told me about Jen Lancaster's books, do you have a recommendation of where to start? I'll probably read 17 books next week while jailed with parents and yes, in laws too. Hope tomorrow is a repeat of today for you! but doesn't the mindset change everything and make the day terrific!

Erin said...

Work not sucking is a rare thing! AND 3 new books? That is a cool day. Hmmm...I need a new book, too.

Crystal said...

n.d. Since they're memoirs, I started with the first one since I'm sure they follow one another. The first one is "Bitter is the New Black." So far, it's quite good.

P.O.M. said...

Awesomeness...see it all starts with getting your exercise done first thing. The rest of the day is just gravy after that!

Cammy said...

What an excellent day! Here's hoping for one just like it tomorrow!

Wallowgirl said...

I wish I could drag my lazy butt to do exercise in the morning. :) When I used to exercise early, before I became a night owl, it was a huge energy booster. Glad your day was good!
Yeah for Uncle Sam!

Lesley said...

Well done - great news on the exercise...I have been bottling mine in the evening and wondering if I too could get it out of the way early...will try!

Lesley x

Jess said...

Better to have too much caffeine than too little. That's my motto. It also applies to alcohol, food, and pedicures.