Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back to Running

After a brief hiatus from running at which time I was fully focused on swimming, I decided this week was as good as any to dust off the old running shoes and get out there again. On Monday, I managed to squeeze in 20 minutes before the rains chased me back into the house. Overall, this was a pretty good warmup to running again. Not too long to make me real sore the next day and I put in a little sprinting at the end when I was racing towards the house. Not trying to sound like a chicken..I don't mind the rain, but I don't dig the thunder and lightning combo pack. After the run, I did some crunches/sit-ups, arm weights and 30 minutes on the hula hoop. I'm enjoying getting back to "hooping" but I think I may have to look into other hoops since mine continues to give me bruises around my hip bones. I'll give it a couple more weeks to see how it goes.

Last night was a better run. I was out there for about 35 minutes and did a half mile of walking and 2.5 miles running. It had been raining for a couple hours prior to my run so when I got out there it actually seemed cooler. There was a nice breeze and the air temps seemed to have gone down a bit. Obviously the humidity was still pretty high cuz when I got home I was drenched in sweat. All for a good cause.

I'm feeling pretty good this morning. No aches and pains, just a nice muscle tightness from working the muscles a little harder this week. The pool and I have a date this evening, weather permitting of course.

Happy hump day..later chicas


carla said...

I love my hoop as well!

do we get a video of you hoopin'?!



Jess said...

Last night was definitely cooler. It was nice out this morning too, but did I go run then? Nope.

Lesley said...

Brilliant, well done for getting out there. Always best to start off slow after a break.

Keep it up.

Lesley x

N.D. said...

Did your legs feel rested after the running break? I like using the word HIATUS. One of my faves. Hope the swim went well, do you do a workout or swim with a team or what? Did you swim competitively before? I always find it hard to get into the pool alone and make up a workout, it is great with a team or people!

Cammy said...

Wow, you really jumped back into it, didn't you? ::is impressed::
Way to go!

Thinking Thin said...

You better not be running in the lightning. We are the lightning capital of the world!

Erin said...

That is an awesome run for your 2nd day back at it! I am getting back into it tomorrow (as I cross my fingers....)

Crystal said...

n.d. Legs felt pretty rested and even after running two days in a row (which I rarely ever do) I didn't get any shin splints. Feels good to get back into it.

thinkingthin: don't worry, no running in lightning. as soon as i see it, i head for cover!