Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things I Love

Sometimes I just have to talk about the stuff I love in life..or continue an old list-whatever

1. Digital camera. There's nothing better than taking and picture and being able to download it on your computer right away to share w/family and friends.

2. My blackberry phone. It does everything..it will even talk to me if I push the right buttons, although it never says anything profound.

3. Books. I will gladly spend a fortune in books just for the sheer joy of reading. It is my favorite hobby.

4. The hula hoop. I'm not getting bruised anymore since I'm hooping on my stomach instead of my hip area so the hoop and I are now BFFs. What can I say, it keeps me entertained and away from the fridge for a half hour.

5. Bowling pins. I just love knocking them down!!

6. Swimsuit/goggles. Whenever I'm stressed or need some down time, I can jump into my gear and swim my troubles away..and burn some much-needed calories.

7. The computer. Duh.

8. My iPod. If I had to listen to myself huffin' and puffin' while running I would've given up a long time ago. Thank you music.

9. Flip flops. Clearly one of the greatest inventions ever.

10. The scale. Something needs to keep me in line!

It's been a pretty quiet week. I have not been a good girl gym-wise so my goal is to hit the gym tomorrow morning and run tomorrow night and then get back on track after that. No more slacking! Have a great night.


Erin said...

I am with you on #1, 3, 8 and 9! I love flip flops, I wear them once the snow melts here and until it comes back. I spend way too much money on books. I am not patient enough for the library.

N.D. said...

It's good you are trying to get back on the horse! I love flip flops out of all those things. My sister wears them year round!

Jess said...

I am with you on the books and the bowling pins! In keeping with "Bs," I would add "beer" to the list.

Erin said...

Your enemy, "the scale," has now made your friend list! Whoot woo! I tend to agree with many of the items on your list. I wondered the same as Jess, where's beer fit in?

Sagan Morrow said...

I really like your list. And LOVE books passionately!

Wallowgirl said...

Hula hooping! You are way more coordinated then me. I struggle a little with the WiiFit hula hooping! I can only imagine if I had do it in real life. LOL.

JavaChick said...

I was just thinking this morning how much I love buying books. I love browsing in book stores. I love taking the books home. I love curling up for a good read. Ah.

Also. Love my digital camera. Love that I can take a bunch of shots to get just the right one, and I can see it immediately there on the little view screen. Bad shot? Delete it! No film wasted. Can email, print, upload to blog. Love, love, love it.

Shannon said...

Totally agree with #1, #3, #7, #8, #9. Impressed to see #5 on there as well!!