Monday, August 4, 2008

Short and Sweet

Nope, not talking about me (hee hee).

I've been dragging since Friday..think I've got a bit of a cold but I'm doing my best to fight it, nothing an overdose of Vitamin C can't combat.

Work is super busy. One of my coworkers is gone for 2 weeks and since I am freaking awesome at my job, I get to do hers too. Now I have deadlines coming out of my ears. Bet that's contributing to my tiredness.

Did some retail therapy at Target tonight. Got some new picture frames and house accessories. I *heart* Target.

I will be getting back into my exercise routine tomorrow so there should actually be a post about that one of these days again.

Wilson is being a butthead tonight so I'd best give him some attention before I go to bed.

Oh, and I'm at war..with the ants. So far they are winning but I shall overcome!


Cammy said...

Ah, yes, I expect Target to start charging me a co-pay any day now. :)

Keep your head above the water and you'll be fine!

N.D. said...

Good luck with the ants. That stinks! That happens so much with jobs, it is CRAP!! hang in there and don't take much crap for long, and get a raise!!! I used to love target but went there on saturday afternoon and all it was was small children and crying babies. I can't go back for a while.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love retail therapy! =)

Have you tried taking Airborne, when you start getting sick. Seems to work for my *usually*.

Hope you feel better soon.

And if you win your Ant War, please let me know! I am fighting the same battle with those annoying little bugs! Its that time of year! =)

Erin said...

Which ants do you have? Terro works on some down in Florida but there are others that it won't kill. KNOCK ON WOOD we haven't had ants this year. We are currently battling cockroaches the size of Texas.

Thinking Thin said...

I actually had to have an exterminator come in because ant traps, terro, nothing has been working. The exterminator called them pavement ants and once he sprayed outside and inside, I haven't seen any.

These were small buggers that always seemed to go to the bathrooms and kitchen but weren't interested in food.

sunshine said...

I'm a fan of a double punch -- Vitamin C and zinc. Hope you kick it soon!

Jess said...

I can relate to this on so many levels: ants, check; annoying dog, check; love of Target, check. Thankfully I am not feeling ill, but it does seem to be going around.

Sagan Morrow said...

Get some rest. Good luck with the ants! When I was living in Spain they lived in our kitchen *shudder* so I have a very strong dislike for those little creatures:)