Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Gonna Be a Good Day

Yesterday was not that peachy so I'm going into today with a positive mindset. I am determined work will be good today. Yesterday, the boss informed me I will be taking on more work, basically because other people are not doing things right or efficiently and, since I am the bomb-diggity at work, I will be taking over the challenge. Now, I really don't mind the extra work. I am one of those crazy folks who prefer to be overwhelmed with files covering their desks. However, I do wish all this extra work would come with a nice incentive: bonus anyone? Raise? A bowl full of strawberry Starbursts? Hello....well, I guess I will have to show them I kick ass so my end-of-year review rocks and I get a big promotion. Vice president has a nice ring to it.

As for exercise, the best word to describe me lately has been slacker. I've managed to do some swimming in my pool (so not considered real exercising as pool is not big enough) and I did some hooping last night but nothing strenuous. Naughty girl! So, the gym bag is coming with me to work and then I will be heading to the pool right after work for a good swim and then a walk/run after.

Alright, time to make my lunch since Wilson doesn't seem willing to do it. Note to self: train dog to make my lunch.


Jess said...

If you're getting more work, you should definitely be getting more money. Or at least a new title that reflects a promotion.

Erin said...

Crystal, I had the same conversation with my boss yesterday and inherited another LARGE project. I would also like to see some $$$ or an Exec Director title added to my name. For now, I must learn to take satisfaction on being an overworked, underpaid, rock star at work. Maybe we should start a club?

JavaChick said...

Great attitude, hope the positive thinking paid off.

I've been having not such a great week myself, but I'm ready to shake it off and turn things around.

Sagan said...

That would be one clever dog!

It helps to "decide" that today will be a good day. Somehow those kinds of attitudes really MAKE it into a good day!