Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Night Bowling League

I don't think I've mentioned that I joined another league w/Brian and our rockin friends. Our last league was all about fun and trying not to suck. This league is freaking hard's the All Star League and these people don't mess around. I smiled at one of the ladies on another team, she's about 60+ years old and bowls at 8 mph. But she rocks! She returned my smile with her game face...these people are no nonsense and I don't think they know what to think of our shenanigans. Tough cookies kiddies, we are here to stay!

I got a new ball and my scores suck ass now but I'm blaming it on the ball a.k.a. Rolling Thunder. Soon I will be awesome again. I'm just pacing myself. It's all still fun for me.

So, that's my Monday nights kiddies. Besides that, I did not get up early this morning for swimming. I was too tired and I have a pinched nerve/pulled muscle in my neck and shoulders and didn't want do too much. I will be running with my bud tomorrow and may sneak in a home workout too. Will keep you posted.

That's all for me tonight. Nighty night gators!


MN Mom said...

Once I joined a bridge club because I thought it would be a way to meet friends. I played years ago and I like it so I thought, win win. WrongO! The people were 80-90 and they weren't messing table talk, no fun at all. Yea I quit after two weeks...

Jess said...

They are serious, but there seem to be some teams that are fun-loving. And if they don't like the high kicks and strike dances, then screw them.

And I'm sure that soon Rolling Thunder will be force to be reckon'd with!

Sagan said...

Bowling would be great! Hope your neck and shoulders feel better soon though.