Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not in the Mood

For anything. Ever have one of these days? Where you just don't want to do anything or clean anything or exercise, etc.? That's where I'm at...this whole week. Work has been quite stressful. Sometimes I swear my attorneys would be lost without me. There's nothing more exciting than going through 3 months of copies of checks trying to find the right one. Yay me!

Needless to say, I have not done a whole lot so far this week. No exercise..unless thinking about it counts...didn't think so. I haven't even hula hooped, I must be having an off week! All I've really done is read my book, Great Expectations, and watched movies.

Tomorrow I head back to the doctor for my thyroid and do some more blood work. It's been 6 months and I am seeing some signs that I'm struggling with it again so we shall see what the good ole doc has to say.

Time to hit the book again. Have a fantabulous evening kiddies!


Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck with the poopy week. Yep, I said poopy.

And good luck at the doctor!

Jess said...

Careful. You don't want to end up like Miss Havisham and be stuck in time, not doing anything. Although, I don't think Miss Havisham had to sort through 3 months of checks, so I suppose you have an excuse.

Erin said...

If you want to give up the paralegal profession, I am going to be hiring a slave soon. Let me know; you can have your pick:
1) Personal slave at home to cook and clean for me
2) Personal slave at work to answer my email
3) Personal slave to watch Miller

I am guessing if you had your pick, it would be #3. That's the one I would pick too.

Erin said...

Lol, I think I have been "not in the mood" for working out for 2 months! Not good.