Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Gots me lots of random thoughts floating around in me head so thought I'd just lay them out for ya:

* Synthroid Wars: Ha! I win...I guess. I finally got my prescription filled and am starting to feel more alert already. Yeah! The mail order pharmacy sent my prescription back with a letter stating that they had tried to contact my doctor's office and no one returned their phone calls or faxes so they had to send my stuff back. Lovely...I'm so not surprised here. So, I took that prescription to Walgreen's and they filled it right away. Perplexed, yes but I didn't care at that point. Then I picked up another prescription from my doc's office (the one I'd been badgering them about) so now I have an extra one when this one runs out. What a freaking pain in the arse!

* Monday night bowling: Yeah, we rock. We are currently in 7th place out of 34 teams. Pretty dang good since this is our first serious league. Brian even got bowler of the week last week and guess who got it for the women this week..yep, ME! My scores were 180, 140 and 146. Woo hoo!

* I'm getting my exercise mojo back so tonight it's the hula hoop (no beer, that was all for the pictures) and running. It's finally starting to cool down a bit..still in the mid to high 80s but much more doable for running. I'm really trying to get past the 3 mile mark. Just need a push-and temps in the 70s.

That about sums up my last couple days. Time for some dinner and play time with Wilson. I'm getting the sad why-don't-you-love-me-anymore face. Toodles~


Erin said...

I don't want to bowl with you...you are too good for my barely 100 average.

I started the exercise campaign. So far, I Wii Fit 3 nights in a row (and felt it each morning) and tonight I took Annie on a walk. Now, if i could only stick with this for a while I would be on the road to my goal.

Sagan said...

Congrats on the bowling! Such a fun pasttime. I'm terrible at it:)

Enjoy hula hooping!

Jess said...

We're in 7th now? Sweet! We need to keep that up so we can all win back some of this money!

RooBabs said...

Hi Crystal,

I noticed a bit ago that you are a follower (welcome!!). I'll be taking some time to "get to know" your blog, so I might post a few random comments in your archives.

That's so cool that you're in a bowling league. I love bowling, but I am horrible (I'm lucky to break 100).

Your dog is so cute, too. Oh, and have you read all the books on your list, or are some of them on your "to-do" list? If so, I am impressed. = )

Shannon said...

Awesome scores girl. I'm with Erin. You and Jess are going to become too good for me to keep up with!