Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sad Little Gym Bag

I think my gym bag is depressed. It's whole joy in life is to be packed with all my gym necessities and be ready to travel. The last travel experience it has was when I moved it from the dining room to the bedroom on Friday. I think I even noticed some dust and dog hair accumulating on it this evening.

Poor thing. All it wants is it's routine back: packed and placed in the dining room in the evening, dragged to the car in the morning, chillin in the car during work hours, and being dragged to the gym for a good workout. It just wants to feel useful again.

Maybe I'll be nice and take it for an outing tomorrow.


Ashley said...

ha! I feel ya. I've got a yoga mat that will probably never lay flat ever again, it's been rolled up too long!

Jess said...

And it's making you feel guilty, isn't it?

Sagan said...

My exercise ball feels similarly. Guess we better treat them a little better!