Monday, November 10, 2008

Good Morning!

Hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend. Mine was pretty good. Nothing too exciting but I got all my household chores done so at least I can start the week off with a relatively clean house. Although, the way Wilson sheds, it's never really completely clean but he's cute so I deal with it.

Brian and I did a little furniture browsing and found some stuff we really like. My plan is to turn our dining room area into a sitting room and I found an awesome chair w/ottoman to relax in. Okay, we found an entire set we want but we decided, with all the holidays coming up, to wait for some good sale opportunities so hopefully within the next couple months I'll have all my goodies.

Saturday I was all about Lifetime TV. I usually don't watch that many movies, especially when it's gorgeous outside, but the movies on Lifetime were awesome this weekend so I was glued to the TV for most of Saturday afternoon. Wilson was able to get his nap in then so he was a happy camper. Yesterday was laundry and reading day. I finished a book and Brian and I went out for dinner and stopped at the bookstore where I got 2 new books-The Valley of the Dolls and Anna Karina. Yeah!

I rocked the exercise front and managed 6 out of 7 days for exercise. The only thing I didn't do was swim so I'm going to be pushing that this week. Sometimes a girl just doesn't want to get her hair wet. I got up early and did a quick 30 minute run this morning and tonight is bowling so that's my weights for today (ha!).

Alright, work is calling so I'm off. Toodles


Erin said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. Good job on sticking to your weekly goals. We got a Wii Fit so that's my step toward exercise this month ;)

Jess said...

With a dog, the house is never entirely clean. Just when I de-fur our place, Scooter re-furs it!

Valley of the Dolls is...interesting. Kind of a sensational/tabloid kind of approach to telling a rather trashy story. But it's entertaining. And Anna Karenina is excellent, but depressing. Enjoy them both!

RunningNan said...

Ahh.. Yes.. De-Furring. I have a dog and two cats.. The black cat is the worst for messing the place up. In the long run, they are totally worth it!

Sagan said...

Oooh, I love furniture browsing. Furniture stores are so much fun!

Kelly Olexa said...

Awesome week girl!!

Shannon said...

Which ones? I like the cheesiness of the Lifetime flick myself.

Lesley said...

I hear you on the fur front. Sometimes, even after I hoover, there is stilla scurf of fur on the carpet and I have to physically rub it off with a damp cloth. Think that is only when they're really shedding. I wouldn't change them though.

Well done on the exercise and it's great to hear you sounding so upbeat, not that you're not normally, but you sounded really chirpy in this post.

Lesley x

RooBabs said...

I love buying new furniture. Or even just rearranging furniture. It's just nice to have a new look now and then.

Great job on getting in 6 days of exercise!!